Phrasal Verbs

I’ve got down to learning phrasal verbs seriously. In the current British English book I’ve come across lots of them. And I’ve realized that I don’t feel confident in this topic.

At the beginning I thought to start with revising my quizlet sets. But they were picked up randomly from books and I come to that it wasn’t the best idea. Being in Biblio Globus I came across “English Phrasal Verbs in Use”. The book is used by my teacher for some exercises in my homework and I knew it wasn’t a simple book.

The next important thing which I had bought about 4 years ago is Longman Phrasal Verbs Dictionary. And only now I’ve started to use it regularly. The dictionary has all the meanings of all phrasal verbs with great examples.

Now I’ve been learning the verbs using these books for over 2 weeks and have reached the 7th unit. Until I get the 6th unit it was hard. Verbs at a explanation page and an opposite exercise side were different. Now at least I can check what I’ve remembered doing exercises.

Actually it’s hard to keep in mind everything and I’ve come to that it’s important to practice here. I’ll try to keep on it.

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