Room renovation tips

Estimate your spending
Plan in advance. Decide how much time and money you can spend on it. You could decrease your spending by picking out simple wallpapers as example. Another possibility is to keep the current linoleum. It’s worth to spend time to go to a large home improvement shop like Leroy Merlin to buy everything you need at once and at a good price.

Clear space before
The less disturbing things around, the easier to focus on doing flat repairing. Take hanging shelves down. Pull books out of your cupboard to be able to move the cupboard away from the wall. It’s a good chance to throw away stuff you haven’t used for years. Also send small children somewhere otherwise your goals are doomed to failure. They definitely won’t help you.

Ask for help
The crucial part is to have the contacts of the right handymen. Don’t hesitate to ask your friends and colleagues about qualified specialists. Maybe somebody of them will recall his own friend who has done room renovation recently. If there is no luck, try out websites like which offer professionals depending on your needs.

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