Last Summer we travelled in Vienna. We had supposed it was a charming and calm place to visit. Moreover, my colleagues had told that they liked it or also didn’t mind to vacation there.

We booked an apartment for 5 days in the centre of the city, got the visas and our plane successfully landed in Vienna. The first challenge was to eat out in a decent place. Like everywhere else, here, the best places with normal prices and tasty food weren’t at the main streets. Foursquare helped to find some of such venues. Overall, I liked a meal there. Meat and chocolate were excellent for example.

What I really appreciated was architecture. There it was fascinating. The whole city centre was full of masterpieces. Every time walking along unknown streets forced me to take out my photo camera. Only horses spoiled the picture with their smell. Also parks there were worth to visit. I especially recommend to attend one near Schönbrunn Palace. There were three really interesting human-sized mazes I managed to solve.

Vienna brought back memories of Helsinki. In Vienna there were the same wide streets, calm atmosphere and kind people. But there I managed to speak only with waiters, shop assistants and other salesmen.

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