An “Anti-Niqab” Campaign is Anti-Canadian

a lipogram* about Conservatives in Canada’s federal election

aping Christian B.

Barbaric capitalists and patriarchal partisans spin fascist charisma, baiting and panicking nativist Canadians with rabid, atavistic claims: against migrants; against statisticians’ gravitas (as if trivia); against ranting chaplains; against frail, scintillating habitats; against marginal addicts (as if all varmints); against imagistic, captivating cannabis; against girls and maids (with flaccid attacks against labia, against vaginas, as if intrinsical incriminating iliac traits); against fair trading; against fair trials; against digital sharing (as if piratical); against militant Indians, withstanding militia, and aiming at paid liars in cannibal firms; against minimal taxing (as if an impractical mania); against brilliant kids; against all anticapitalist tacticians.

Admit it. A gaming, finagling campaign is villains cavilling at franchising, attriting its traffic. A mafiatic, harassing gambit which maddens basic WASPs’ brains with anti-Islamic bad will against niqabs and hijabs is slamming all Canadians: it impacts all immigrants’ ilk (Hasidic, Arabic, Iraqi, Iranian, Afghanistani, Pakistani, Hispanic, African, Asian, Manilan, Italian, Haitian, Jamaican, British, and Sikh…); and it impacts all this land’s First bands (Anishnabi, Aklavik, Arviat, Gitxsan, Haida, Kainai, Mi’kmaq, Nisga’a, Saanich…). This racist, patrician campaign spits acid athwart gravid Pacific, arid plains, cascading Niagara, and Atlantic islands. It ain’t Christian. And this trash campaign — chancing its arraigning (as its pallid captains wail, as if claimants awaiting mistrial’s call) — will crash, will fail and famish, vanishing amidst its acrid miasmas, vapid as Midas.

* Lipogram rules:
1) all words use only vowels A and I.
2) single-syllable words must either contain both A and I, or alternate in sequence between monosyllables including only A and monosyllables including only I; no two consecutive monosyllabic words may use the same vowel.