3 Myths About Dental Implant That Actually Aren’t True

myths about dental implant

Even the most intentioned person can get muddled with the facts and myths.

Especially when it comes to medical facts, it is necessary to know all the facts before going in for the procedure.

The internet gives the ability to analyze and research all the facts.

If you are considering getting dental implants in Connecticut, make sure you bust all the facts before going in.

Before you go ahead and consult a dentist for dental implants, make sure you know the difference between the myths and facts.

Myth: Age is an important consideration for dental implants

Truth: While you might think that age is an important factor while getting the dental implants, it is not true. The dental implants in Connecticut are even successful for people who are well in their 90s. It helps them get better teeth than the ill-fitted pair of dentures.

Even if you have heart disease, diabetes or other health issues, you will still be able to get the dental implants. However, gum disease can be a factor.

Your dentist will help you get it under control before putting in the dental implants. There is no reason why age or diseases would be a reason why you are not a good candidate for dental implants.

Myth: Dental implants are expensive.

Truth: Yes, it is true that while dental implants in Connecticut might be expensive, they are not as expensive as you think. The price of the dental health depends on your overall oral health.

Unlike the dental bridges or the dentures, the dental implants are meant to last the whole lifetime. This reduces the cost of getting the implants again. Thus, the dental implants are more cost-effective overall, in comparison with other dental treatments.

Myth: Dental implants causes headaches

Truth: This one of the most popular myth lately. The majority of people believe that dental plants cause headaches or migraines. Nonetheless, there are no clinical researches that support this fact.

If you one of the people who has experienced headaches, then it is not the dental implants but the complications in the surgery that is responsible for it.

There might be damage to the sinus cavity or nerve damage that might cause both head and facial pain. You might even have a misaligned bite or TMJ. We advise you to consult your dentist.

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