Must Know Facts About Dental Implants

Facts About dental Implants

Dental implants are wonderful alternatives for the tooth loss happening due to many reasons such as periodontal disease, tooth decay or accidental injury.

In the previous times, dentures or bridges were used for the missing teeth. Nowadays, dental implants are the best bet for the replacement of the original teeth.

Following are some facts about dental implants that you must know:


The success rate of the dental implants is quite high and they can last for a long time, almost lifetime. The crowns, on the other hand, can last for maximum ten years. About 98% of the dental implants procedures done is fully successful.


In the real teeth, there is always the issue of cavities. And because dental implants are made from artificial stuff, therefore, they cannot decay like the natural teeth and have no risk of cavities. But it is necessary to regularly clean the teeth and gums around the implants.


The dental implants are made from titanium alloy which is one of the strongest materials known and it assures that the implant can last for the person’s lifespan. Titanium also has properties of spurring the growth of bone around the dental implant and this strengthens the jawbones.


The oral health of a person also gets better when they have a dental implant. The nearby teeth are unaffected by the dental implant and this also improves the access between teeth, allowing to brush better.


You can get the implants at any age as long as you are an ideal candidate with healthy gums. The implants also feel and appear like the real teeth. They become a part of your mouth when the bone fuses with them.

If the patient has lost a lot of bone and the normal implant isn’t possible, then there is an option of a mini implant. Due to the small diameter of mini implants, they can be placed and can work properly like normal teeth.

The dental implants can also be used for replacement of all the teeth. They can hold the denture with such strength enough to support the rest of the artificial teeth.

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