Orthodontist vs. Dentist- Who Do You Need to See?

Orthodontist vs. Dentist

Oral health is a critical element of our overall health. Though, it is very important to choose the perfect and professional oral care expert depending on the problem. You must know when to visit an orthodontist and when to a dentist.

At First, do you know the difference between the Orthodontist & in a Dentist? If not then this post is for you.

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Background Check-

A dentist vs. orthodontist has alike educational backgrounds. Both must have the bachelor’s degree and they must complete a four-year doctoral program.

  • After graduation, a dentist may start practice as a dentistry. Dentists will gain either a D.D.S. (doctor of dental surgery) or D.M.D. (doctor of dental medicine) degree. These degrees require the same curriculum.
  • After this to become an orthodontist, the dentist needs to serve a 2 to 3-year residency in orthodontics which tags them as an “M.S.”, for Master of Science.
  • Hence, while comparing the educational backgrounds of both of them need long schooling before practising. A dentist needs to complete eight years of higher education, whereas an orthodontist must complete 10 to 11 years.

Who is actually required for your dental problem?

Now you know that both dentists and orthodontists require an extensive education before practising their profession. But who is actually required for your dental problem?

Below I am going to differentiate in between both Dentist & Orthodontist working process —


The dentist will diagnose, operate and control the overall oral health. This includes conducting routine dental practice such as- cleaning, X-rays, and check-ups. A dentist also removes or repair the problem related to tooth fill-ups, cavities and make models for dentures. Hence the various treatments given by a dentist add the following-

  • Bridges
  • Gum care
  • Fillings
  • Teeth whitening
  • Veneers
  • Crowns
  • Root canal

An Orthodontist-

Actually, the orthodontists are the dentists, too. They finished the same licensing and have almost of the same training. The main difference is that an orthodontist also requires special training to practice how to straighten teeth.

One can consult an orthodontist if you have to treat crooked or crowded teeth, overcrowded teeth, bad bite, overbite, gaps, or a misaligned jaw. Common orthodontic treatments include-

  • Braces,
  • Invisalign
  • Headgear
  • Retainers
  • Wires

An orthodontist uses various types of tools to adjust jagged teeth and attach the braces for every tooth. In some cases, the orthodontist utilizes clear computer-generated plastic braces, which need to be replaced bi-weekly.

In short, the only difference in Orthodontist & Dentist is that Orthodontist is a specialist whereas dentist is not.

So you should have knowledge of who do you want to see in between Dentist Vs Orthodontist.

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