Does telepathy exist in real ?

The only kind of telepathy I believed as a child was sending my secret messages to the god up there. Im not sure how often have you witnessed this, but I have come across many such situations where my messages have already been delivered without any communication. It took me a while to get believe that telepathy is a universal language.

Thinking about the ways it could work in the physical world, an interesting philosophy got me quite convinced. The thought should be carrying some weight in the physical world to be able to pass on. This means thoughts might carry an electromagnetic pulse which can be transmitted from one mind to another.The most impact being you communicating to someone verbally by implanting your thoughts and world into someone else’s mind. Connecting the dots, we could say telepathy is a trace, though the probability of the occurrence is not high but it is possible. That single thought layered with emotion which escaped from your mind as quickly as you created it, might be travelling through various situations manipulated under the actions of influencers it comes across, and who knows by then it could reach the right destiny. Just like a lost letter.

Our words, our actions are powerful. Directly, or indirectly we create what we think and say. In between the order and chaos in this world, we are creating and destroying what we desire. Not sure how science would strengthen this philosophy, but I shall wait. Having realised this power, what would you create next ?

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