How a journey of 5 hours in a local bus propelled my thoughts

the woman who spoke only innocence and warmth

I was travelling to Hyderabad, India from a remote village near Nandigama few weeks back. After a while, a woman got into the bus and sat beside me. She looked like an innocent villager.We both got pretty irritated watching a senseless Telugu movie.She asked me where i was coming from, and we slowly got talking. I accepted to help her during the departure time with the location. She told me she is a farmer which got me interested, and we shared few techniques to increase the crop yield. I was pretty happy to know that she uses all natural compost for her crop, and it yielded very good. She offered me a fresh apple from her village which i couldn’t say no to. The apple had an exquisite taste. She then told me that she was travelling to her daughter’s house after a long gap of 10 years as her little granddaughter is now a woman. Her daughter who is 25 now, was continuously crying in worry about it and wanted her help to take care of the girl. We were sharing stories and she told me that she was lucky to have both her children well settled. Her son-in-law who is also her distant relative was doing very well and bought a huge house in the village. My thoughts were still stuck to that 25 year old woman who has a 11 year old daughter. An early mother who was in panic while her daughter needed her care the most. We often think that child marriages are a history in developed states,but the grassroots still think differently. I couldn’t raise a point to her that child marriages moves the society backwards seeing how well her family is doing according to her. I kept silent and smiled often at her innocence during our journey.

How customs, believes, traditions and lifestyles change in a geographical distance of less than few thousand kilometers never seizes to amaze me.