Where are you going for your next holidays?

I asked myself again, where am I going?

I’m headed to a land of mountains and beautiful people. But at the same time, traveling to the past, and not only my own one, everyone’s heritage. Mankind’s history. It is there, where ancient knowledge still lays beneath the surface.

My thoughts tell me I will find easy smiles, loads of food and ancient enchanting.
Most of the meals will likely be made of potatoes. This last seems to be one of earth’s many treasures, buried in the Pacha Mama itself.
Always smiling, observing and walking through life at their own pace the iconic Cholas fill the streets of the city.
The hostel I’ve booked is near its historic square. As we call it in Spanish “Plaza central”, which seems to be the heart of the city’s past and present.

I can already hear street singers, the noise of pubs, germans gossiping and argentines flirting all mixed together surrounded by the Andean vibe.
The Lost City of Machu Picchu will surely be looking over my shoulder during my visit to Cuzco. Guiding my every step.
I hope to experience a certain one-on-one feeling when climbing up there. My earliest memories about the place are from History Channel specials on Inca history and Spanish colonization.

Also, a friend told me I can find eye-catching paintings indigenous people have made in one of the city’s many interesting museums.

So that, and the slow-motion rhythm of its narrow streets might be my only expectations for now.
I hope, in just a couple of weeks, to be able to tell you guys that Peru has been the kind of trip that took me out of my mind and deeper inside my conscience.