Enertion Raptor 2 Motor | High Technology Electric Skate Board

We’re huge fanatics of the current result of electric skateboards or, which is extremely awesome for the short separation ride. In the event that you claims to have the best in class speed, range and torque then I will allude you to investigate the Enertion Raptor 2 Review. It is extremely extraordinary for short separation ride.

Enertion is an organization that couple of years prior sold electric skateboard parts. Prior individuals brought electric skateboard parts shape Enertion to alter and make DIY sheets. So enertion is a trust-capable brand and you can purchase enertion raptor 2 decisively in your psyche.

Jason Potter the proprietor of enertion first form sheets for himself as he adored skateboarding. Later on his companions and his relatives asked for to make a board for them and he made it for them.

At that point he chose to fabricate an organization and dispatch enertion 1 which was extremely pleasant and cherished by each. At that point he chose to dispatch enertion 2 in may 2018.

The Enertion Raptor 2 cases to have the best in class speed, range and torque. Its extremely quick and its speed is 28 mph which truly get the consideration of each purchaser.

Why Enertion?

Enertion used to be a company that earlier sold electric skateboard parts. People bought parts from Enertion to modify and create their own DIY boards. The founder, Jason Potter, built boards for himself using these parts as he loved skateboarding.

People started appreciating his build and asked him to build his skateboards for them. This marked the beginning with the Enertion Raptor 1. Jason wanted a powerful board and that is exactly what this was.

People loved this board because of the amazing performance. But, Jason wanted to improve it even more. This is what led to the development of the Enertion Raptor 2.

The Enertion Raptor 2 claims to have the best in class speed, range and torque. This might already be persuasive enough for some buyers. However, there is more to this amazing skateboard.

They have in-wheel motors which gives it a very sleek look. On the other hand, the board’s design is rugged and thus, makes you feel safe while riding it. But the thing that stands out most to me is the waterproofing.

Other boards are generally quite weak against the forces of nature. This board can be ridden in almost any weather (as long as it is safe for you). There are obviously a lot more features that make this an attractive buy. But first, let’s glance through its specifications.


Deck Material: Maple and Carbon Fiber
Deck length: 42 inches or 106 centimeters
Net weight: 22 pounds or 10 kilograms
Maximum load: 220 pounds or 100 kilos
Wheel size: 3.5 inches or 90 mm in diameter
Motor: In Wheel hub motors
Range: 25 miles or 40 kilometers
Top speed: 30 mph or 48 kph
Maximum hill grade: 30%
Battery: Samsung
Charging time: 2 hours
Remote: Dual FOCBOX controllers

Wow, those are some truly intimidating characteristics. If I was their competition, I would definitely be worried. But, those are just numbers. You cannot judge a board by just seeing how well it performs on paper. That is why we are now going to go ahead and analyze every detail of this electric skateboard, in detail.

The Build 
Enertion Raptor 2 body

As I mentioned before, this board looks like the sleekest tank in history. It has this rugged feel about it that is enhanced by the all black theme. The whole board is pitch black mostly due to the presence of Carbon Nanocomposites in the body.

These composites are combined with aircraft grade aluminum to ensure that your board is as tough as nails. But, if you aren’t a fan of the deck that they have used, you could always choose to switch it.

Yes, that means that the Enertion Raptor 2 is essentially a power pack for an old-school longboard. The stock deck that they provide is 97 cm in length. This is quite long compared to other boards, however, it is not the longest one out there.

Weight and maximum load
When anything is made of aluminum people generally expect it to be lightweight. However, this is far from it.

This tank of an electric skateboard weighs somewhere around 10 kilos or 22 Pounds. This is extremely heavy for any electric skateboard. Because of this factor, this board isn’t quite portable.

However, they have provided grips on the side of the board that allows you to hold the board and carry it around if you need to. But then again, so does a dumbbell.

Fortunately, this build also allows this board to carry weights of up to 220 pounds. In such cases, you can expect the performance numbers to vary quite a bit if the maximum load is used.


Power, Speed and Uphill Gradient
As the Enertion claims, this board does have some of the best performance figures in the market.

However, they definitely aren’t the best in the market. This board comes packed with two 3,360 W in wheel hub motors.

That is a combined power of about 6,720 W, more than any board that I have seen yet. This power propels it to speeds of up to 30 mph, much faster than the KooWheel Onyx or Jed Boards. With this insane power, climbing hills is a piece of cake for this beat.

Considering that Jed Boards can climb a 30% gradient with only 4,800 W of power, it is reasonable to assume that this board can at least match that figure. However, the Jed board does have the advantage of all wheel drive.

Battery Capacity
When it comes to the amount of power packed in this battery, this board truly outperforms all other boards. This battery has been rated 432 Wh, which as you can guess is about two to four times that of other boards.

But then again, with a power rating as high as 6,720 W, this kind of charge was mandatory. It helps this board reach a distance of 25 miles, just like the Jed Board. With regenerative braking, it might be able to move a bit further than that.

With such a huge battery, you must be thinking that this battery must take a lot of time to charge as well. On the contrary, this board shows quite an average charging time of 2 hours.

Funnily though, this is supposed to be their rapid charger. I wonder how fast their normal charger is.

Wheels and Trucks
Coming to the parts that do all the dirty work, these wheels are larger than that of the Jed Board and the KooWheel.

This probably helps it attain a better range than KooWheel and a similar one to that of the Jed Board. These 90 mm wheels are combined with Enertion’s 50 caliber precision trucks.

These superior parts will ensure that you never experience understeer or oversteer — a comfortable ride throughout.

The in-wheel motors help give the board a very sleek look while effortlessly concealing the motors. There are no protruding parts (like the motors used in belt drive systems) that might harm your board’s underbody because of speed bumps or other debris.

Coming down to the main point about why I love the Enertion. This board has been rated IP65 which is quite a good score.

These numbers basically mean that the board will function perfectly well in almost any condition. Be it rain or dust, this board will be perfectly safe.

However, we do not recommend chucking the board into water or sand just because it is proofed for those elements.

The Verdict
The Enertion Raptor 2 is a great board, it truly is. However, the price tag scares every customer. This product will set you back $2,280 retail. Fortunately for you, it is currently selling for a lower price of $1,947, saving you some $330 odd bucks.

Enertion has already sold its first 500 boards, and they are currently producing the next batch ready to ship by September or October 2017. That’s a little long of a waiting time for if you’re looking for an electric board to buy now.

When compared to other boards, it shows great figures, but it’s not the best in every category. The fields where this board takes the cake are with power and battery capacity. However, the dual drive doesn’t do it justice.

If this same board was being sold as a 4WD, then I would have jumped at the sight of it. However, considering that this board does outdo some other boards in the same price range, like Jed Boards or the Ollin Board Freeride, this is a definitely the board to buy in the $1,500 to $2,000 range. If you are planning to get one, then now is the time — use the coupon mentioned above for a great discount, then let us know how you like it!


We have say about its speed prior so you should know how quick it is what you doesn’t realize that inside what amount of time it gets its super quick speed? Presently I am clearing your perplexity that it can achieve that speed in a little more than 3 seconds.

Presently I figure one inquiry should ascend in your mind that from where it got this neck breaking speed. I am clearing your perplexity the Raptor 2 is furnished with two of these vast engines for uncommon torque and rapid execution.

Join the energy of the Double R-spec phantom engines and patent pending staticool innovation these engines will outflank the greater part of the opposition.

Agreeable to hold and compact — It is agreeable to hold and sufficiently little to be put into your littlest pocket for capacity. It is remote and you can revive it by means of a standard small scale USB port.

Battery Power-The board can keep running for 20 miles with a solitary charge which I believe is truly awing with its speed. The skate runs a 360 Wh battery, permitting such crazy run time. Its charge stay for 2 to 2.5 hours.

Deck materials — Its deck material is carbon fiber and maple composite with amalgam handles.

enertion raptor 2 Review

Purchase Now Raptor 2


Top speed-28 mph.

Range-25 mph.

Measurement Length 930mm ,Width 280mm


Battery — 360wh

Charge time — 2–2.5 hours.

Engines — Two 9080 R-Spec Center engines

Guarantee — 1 year moment parts substitution guarantee.

Weight — 10kg (22lbs).

Water and tidy safe — IP65 evaluated plan.


Check is it waterproof or not?

It’s imperative to check whether the e-skateboard you’re purchasing is waterproof. You would favor not to be gotten in the rain (or experience a startling puddle) with your new skateboard.

Everybody realizes that water and water don’t blend. There are several unique segments on some electric skateboards that in like manner don’t care to being wet. Would you have the capacity to figure? By far most presumably definitely realize that direction don’t generally like being wet.

Complete your work find an item that is worked to last, It doesn’t make a difference what the earth tosses at you. Any genuine item ought to have an Entrance Insurance Rating obviously showed. IP65 or more prominent is the thing that you should search for.


Continuously search for guarantee item as you are consuming your well deserved cash to this item. So you ought to have a nearby eye whether the item is giving you guarantee or not.

Battery control –

When it comes to fruition battery power,bigger battery is dependably battery. On the off chance that the battery is bigger then it can devour power and you can have an additional ride on a solitary charge.

So make your exploration before purchasing enertion raptor 2 and see whether the battery is fit for conveying the execution you want.


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Coming down to the primary point with respect to why I like the Enertion. This board has been evaluated IP65 which is an awesome respectable score. These numbers on a very basic level imply that the board will work wonderfully well in any condition.

Be it rain or clean, this board will be immaculately secured. Be that as it may, we don’t propose hurling the board into water or sand since it is sealed for those components.

Purchase Now Raptor 2

Extra Highlights

“Fuel” check showed on Board Deck

enertion raptor fuel gaugeThis is a little component however I for one enjoyed it a considerable measure when I got a glance at the board. It gives an exceptionally basic measure of how much voltage your batteries have left as you ride the board. While other electric skateboards just fuse this into applications or not under any condition, I enjoyed the physical show on the board.


enertion raptor weatherSeeing as the gadgets are fixed underneath a carbon fiber cover, in the expressions of the board creator “there are no issues managing wet conditions, for example, exploring through puddles and riding through light rain.”

For an ever increasing number of riders, weatherproofing is sealing to be a more noteworthy concern and on this board, it’s not an issue.

Extraordinary client benefit

In spite of the fact that Enertion Sheets is a little organization, it has brilliant client benefit, maybe one of the best contenders that I have managed by and by. I had definitely no issues with the board so my involvement with client benefit was fairly short.

Notwithstanding, it takes no time at all to locate the proprietor of Enertion Loads up out on discussions conversing with clients about the issues and minor irritations of the load up and specifically settling client grievances.

While doing research for this article, I for one discovered a little more than 3 occasions where someone grumbled about some part of Enertion Sheets, and the proprietor himself showed up and offered various answers for the client objection. It’s extremely great and demonstrates to you that the organization truly thinks about its items.

Enertion Raptor: Last Notes

For riders who basically need one of the best electric skateboards available as far as looks and usefulness, the Enertion Raptor is your board. When I was investigating the determinations of this and different sheets, auto analogies continued getting through my psyche.

tesla versus bmw

The Enertion Raptor versus Helped Board Dual+

The Enertion Raptor is the Tesla Roadster contrasted with Helped Board or Develop’s BMWs. No doubt, the two autos are pleasant yet the Roadster is just in its very own group.

That being stated, every electric skateboad has its own exceptional employments. The Enertion Raptor is a powerhouse and went for clients who need that. Different sheets, for example, the Yuneec E-Go, are for those workers who basically like longboarding and despise pushing up slopes.

With the Enertion Raptor, you get what you pay for however and you’ll pay handsomely for this board. Check underneath at the cost and extra photographs and reviews of the board.

At last, MY GENERAL Conclusion OF EACH BOARD…

There is an abundance of data on the web about every one of the sheets I’ve tried. I would prefer not to rehash that data here, however subsequent to having been sufficiently blessed to have invested a better than average measure of energy in every one of the sheets recorded above, I figured a fast outline of each could demonstrate helpful.

Take it for what it’s worth..

Helped BOARD Double In addition to V1/V2

An extremely pleasant, easy to use board that is assembled extremely well. It has enough power and speed for the vast majority and has for the most part turned out to be exceptionally solid. Form 2 is an incremental change over Adaptation 1 with marginally more torque and other minor changes. On the off chance that you anticipate riding in excess of 6– 10km (4– 6 miles) you will need the long range battery which will twofold your range.


awesome quality parts

extremely decent, flexy Stacked deck

4 speed modes

very much planned remote

great torque

moderately light to convey

valuable and all around planned iPhone Application

extremely smooth increasing speed and braking

super dependable and simple to ride

capacity to swap battery, or utilize long-go battery in V2 (soon)

incredible client administration and now sold in Australia


sad range on standard battery

max speed of up to 35kmh may not be sufficient for a few

battery swap requires devices and a couple of minutes.

very costly ($2200 AUD)


To be straightforward I didn’t care for it. To me it’s only a less pleasant variant of the Supported Board. It has a slower take-off, harsher ride, less unwavering quality, and is likewise heavier to convey.

The main favorable circumstances that I can see over the Helped is the speedier battery swap and somewhat better free-roll. In case you’re pursuing a ‘firm deck’, I figure there are better choices out there.


Looks smooth

Decent iPhone Application

Entirely decent remote, that vibrates

Different speed modes

Speedy swappable battery


Short range (about the same as the Helped)

Power and torque just normal

Ride is very unforgiving on something besides idealize surfaces, because of smallish wheels, center point engines and solid deck

Sketchy unwavering quality and client benefit

Advance GT (Carbon/Bamboo/GTX)

The most flexible electric skateboard out there, no inquiry. The capacity to change haggles is helpful and the capacity to change from strong urethane ‘road’ wheels to pneumatic tires truly gives you 2 sheets in 1.

Whatever ‘flavor’ of Develop GT board you pick, they are intended to be a considerable measure of enjoyable to ride, and they are.

The wide Advance ‘super-cut’ twofold boss trucks give it an extremely pleasant cut. Power, particularly in GT mode, is all that could possibly be needed for a great many people (though very sudden in increasing speed and braking).

Question marks stay over the unwavering quality because of the nature of a portion of the parts utilized, particularly the electrical segments and the client benefit is by all accounts ‘hit and miss’ contingent upon who you converse with.

By and by I have required different repairs to my Advance loads up finished the most recent couple of years, yet for me in any event, Develop has repaired the load up each time and as a rule for nothing.


Super flexible board, particularly with the 2 of every 1 alternative

A considerable measure of amusing to ride (when they work)

Extraordinary power and torque, particularly in GT mode

Super decent cutting feel and tight turning-hover on account of the wide twofold boss trucks

Hot looking machines

Low and wide position because of the drop-through trucks

4 Speed modes

Long range battery contrasted with most different sheets


A few sections utilized by Advance are not as great a quality as you may expect at this value, prompting different dependability issues

Battery-droop can prompt sudden patterns at low battery or when under load

Client administration could be enhanced the entirety

The remote control’s touchy trigger outline isn’t unliked by numerous


This is totally the best esteem board available right now for somebody who wouldn’t like to burn through a large number of dollars. The organization has just been around for a couple of months yet they have sold more than 3,000 sheets as of now! It is no big surprise. They utilize shoddy yet all around chose Chinese parts to minimize expenses. It may not be as cleaned looking as some different sheets, however it functions admirably. It’s calm, zippy, double drive engines are extremely decent, the board is sufficiently solid and the battery should last you no less than 10kms or something like that. In the event that there was a feeble connection, it would be the shoddy deck, which doesn’t feel very ideal to remain on. It really feels arched instead of the more alluring sunken shape. The excellence of this is with a touch of convenient work you could mount your preferred Meepo equipment on the deck and make an extremely decent bit of unit for next to no cash. Include some higher quality direction and bushings and you have 90% of a Supported Board for 25% of the cost!


Amazing an incentive for cash, under $500 AUD conveyed

Generally dependable and learner agreeable

Better than average power and torque

Shabby new parts

Very light and simple to convey, particularly with worked in handle

Preferred range over a Helped Board

Noiseless engines

Not too bad brakes

Helpful auto-begin include which implies the board turns on naturally with a push

Capacity to change decks yourself for a surprisingly better ordeal, in case you’re eager and capable


Not as cleaned or all around completed as a portion of the more costly sheets

Won’t get up extremely soak slopes

Unique deck isn’t to everybody’s taste

JED BOARD Double/AWD (Pre-generation Model)

There has been a considerable measure of buildup created about the ‘Jed Board’ in the course of the most recent couple of months, and numerous enormous cases, notwithstanding, as I would like to think, so far the item itself hasn’t exactly satisfied the buildup.

Truly, it has extraordinary free-roll, and asserted productivity (because of Jeremy’s spearheading helical rigging plan), yet the Jed Sheets have created so far is too noisy for my taste, and fairly problematic. Give me a chance to repeat however, that I’m discussing ‘pre-creation models’ here and the general purpose of the pre-generation sheets is to test and recognize issues to settle preceding large scale manufacturing.

Jed Sheets guarantee that the generation board will be greatly improved the pre-creation sheets, yet at the present time, conceivably just a matter of weeks before first conveyances, these loads up are still all we need to go on.

A few people aren’t disturbed by the sound, however I absolutely am. Actually, to be completely forthright, I sort of think that its humiliating to ride around the avenues because of the commotion it produces. I jump at the chance to stay under the radar, not draw gazes from anybody inside a 50 meter range. The completed item would need to be one serious part calmer for me to think about it. Jed is asserting a 30% decrease in clamor on the generation display, so will enthusiasm to see (and hear).

Besides, the power and torque are not all that much. The Jed Double has a comparative execution to the Meepo, and the instance of the Jed AWD, practically identical execution to the Advance GT. Quick? I figure thus, however not a huge deal.

Once more, Jed guarantee that creation sheets will be better. The reality of the situation will become obvious eventually I presume.

The thing is that there are a Great deal of pre-orders set for the current year. At the point when will these sheets really be conveyed? There still is by all accounts amazing measure of work to do before they are prepared. Real generation adaptations of the helical apparatuses, the fenced in areas, the deck, the remote control, the charger, the Application (and I presume significantly more), still should be produced, amassed, tried and after that sent.

Are Jed as yet encouraging that this will all be done in under 2 months? That is a major inquire. Assembling another item sans preparation is a staggeringly troublesome process and it is normally full of unavoidable deferrals — that is simply part of the procedure. This clarifies why truly every other electric skateboard producer has persevered through numerous months, and frequently years of deferrals between their guarantees and their real conveyance.

Will Jed Sheets by one means or another sidestep these postponements? I question it. Therefore, my expectation is that clients won’t ride their Jed Loads up until some time in 2018 at the soonest. Ideally I’m demonstrated off-base.

One thing is without a doubt, one year from now will be an energizing and testing year for Jed Sheets.


Great free-move capacity

Generally light weight

Great torque and power on the AWD, sufficient on the Double

Special remote control (going ahead creation sheets)

Top quality materials and parts utilized

IP65 waterproof rating

2 year guarantee

Completely refundable store for pre-orders


Loud helical apparatuses give the board a ‘one of a kind’ sound

Dependability concerns? (Ideally arranged by generation)

Restricted ground freedom, particularly on 80mm wheels

Could be a long hold up to get one


My total most loved board right now. Quiet and lethal! The Enertion Raptor 2 is essentially exciting to ride and unrivaled in its execution. The way it quickens, even up slopes, verges on vulgar!

For those individuals holding up to get theirs, I feel for you, it must be extremely baffling. Much the same as each other electric skateboard producer, there have been unexpected postponements yet the word is that numerous more will be conveyed before the finish of the year. So on the off chance that I were you, I’d hold out that tad longer since I believe it’s justified regardless of the pause.


Astounding force and torque

For all intents and purposes noiseless engines

Long range battery (20– 40kms for me)

Decent hold tape

Kick tail

Great ground leeway

Smooth ride — particularly for a center point drive

Handles for conveying

‘Hybrid’ wheel choice (soon)

Abnormal state of customisation and observing from telephone Application

Brilliant client administration and guarantee (has been for me in any case) with 24 hour bolster


Generally overwhelming (10.5kgs)

Remote control not to everybody’s taste

Still postponements in conveyance to clients

I trust my commitment has included something of significant worth.

A debt of gratitude is in order for perusing.

My current quiver. My next little project will be to mount the Meepo hardware onto the Loaded deck, along with upgraded bushings and bearings. The Meepo/Loaded hybrid should be a just about perfect for short range commuting and cruising!

Final Thoughts

What more would we be able to say in regards to Enertion Raptor 2? This load up has every one of the capacities to abandon you confused. It has staggering specs and sublime execution.

It is light, solid, with an intense engine and mind boggling battery and range — so, it is a flat out mammoth. It comes with a heavy sticker price, yet considering every one of the things the board conveys to the table, it’s no big surprise.

What’s more, you can likewise exploit the Prompt riser and preorder the board at a markdown. All things considered, for a rider searching for an excite out and about, and an opportunity to truly put miles behind him, the Enertion Raptor 2 is an immaculate decision.


Nothing more I can say in regards to enertion raptor 2 Review . Presently its your opportunity to settle on choice about purchasing enertion raptor 2. I will state you this load up has every one of the abilities to abandon you dumbfounded.

It is light, solid, with a powerful engine and unfathomable battery and range on the off chance that you instruct me to clarify it in one words then I will state you that it is an outright monster. You can take enertion raptor 2 for you without having any wavering in your psyche.

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