This is how you use her

See her

Approach her

She is beautiful and kind

Accomplished and motivated

Generous and interesting

How she shines

How she arouses a need to be needed

Smile, charm, ask her a question

Compliment, charm, secure her number

Believe you want to know her

Because, after all,

She is an empty vessel

Fill her

She is a pretty arm piece

Wear her

She needs to be taught

Explain to her

Grow weary of her

Let her soothe you, advise you, caress you, admire you

She wants to

No, she needs to be needed

But the light is dimming

The glow is faltering

Where you saw beauty, you now see flaws

Vanity, makeup, insecurity, jealousy

The ambition is a plea for validation

The compassion was her charm

She is wearing

She is wary

As the sun sets on the pair

Shake your head in confusion

It’s as though

you never

knew her

at all

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