For the Love Of Coffee, Go Green!

Yup, the health freak bohos are definitely onto something here y’all… [Caution, Science Heavy Content!]

“Moderate Coffee Intake is associated with lower risk of Cardiovascular Diseases.”

Ever wondered why?
Two reasons. Chlorogenic Acid (CGA) and Hydroxyhydroquinone (HHQ). First is a phytochemical that has antioxidant, anti-diabetic and heart protective effects and the later (a byproduct of roasting of coffee beans) is known for undermining health effects of the prior.
These two in conjecture with each other can make or break our health. To know just how, let’s look at a recent study published in European Journal of Nutrition-
 Aim of the Study: to evaluate the effect of CGA and HHQ content of the coffee on postprandial endothelial dysfunction.
 What is Endothelium?

It is inner cell lining of the blood vessels.

What is postprandial Endothelial Dysfunction?

It is a strong predictor of cardiovascular diseases. So basically something undesirabel!

Coming back to our study,

37 patients with high BP were randomly divided in two groups. Each group received a test meal and a coffee with a either high CGA-high HHQ or high CGA-low HHQ combination. And of course there was a placebo group that received regular coffee. This was a well designed study despite the small number of subjects. They found out that endothelial dysfunction was improved in high CGA-low HHQ group compared to high CGA-High HHQ or the placebo!

In simple words, for heart patients, a cup of high CGA(Chlorogenic Acid) and low in HHQ (Hydroxyhydroquinone) coffee after a meal can actually improve endothelial function and have heart protective effect.

“And you know what coffee has got it just right? It’s Green Coffee.”

Yup, the health freak bohemians might really be onto something here.