I decided today to follow my dreams!

…only, I have no idea where I’m going… I sing, I write, I draw, I compose, I create, I code, I workout (don’t sue me Apple). …but what do I do? Seriously. Isn’t that weird?

I know what I want to do, so I just do that and then everything else will fall into place, right? Well, at least, according to every “follow your dream,” book, article, meme, video, etc. What about the stuff in the middle? Is there a guide for surviving the journey rather than getting to the destination?

This is pretty scary… “The One” has the map and refuses to show me…😢 It feels like driving on a country road at night, with no breaks, and dim headlights. Also, you don’t have a lot of gas, so there’s no turning around if you think you went down the wrong path… The only thing assuring you that you might be going the right way is a little voice that encourages you and helps you know which way to turn. …sounds like a horror story to me…

However, I have gotten this far in my life, and I have no better ideas at the moment. I choose to continue trusting. Good luck to me, and everyone else following their dreams!😁👍🌠