The economy wants growth…

from the middle of the tree? That makes very little sense to me, but according to an article I read, that’s pretty much the idea.

Logic would say to start at the bottom then the whole tree will be taller. I’d love to live in a country where having a two-story house and two cars was considered poverty! Like could you imagine if the poorest of the poor had everything they needed and a little bit more (a home, land, a car, healthy food, good medicine, and education)? One could only imagine the opulence those higher on the pay scale would have…

On the other hand, by neglecting the roots, the tree will struggle to grow and may even die. I just don’t want to experience a “dead” country. That is not on my bucket list.

America has so much potential! We can be that country to set the new standard of living in a good way! So please, economists, can we pause the growth talk for a moment and talk about if we are in the right environment for growth? We’ve got a lot going on in the world right now, so maybe if we fix the soil, then the roots, then we might start seeing much better and consistent growth. I want to live in a happy, healthy tree!…er, country. Happy, healthy country.

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