Why do people smile when they don’t want to?

I’m not being cheeky or insightful, I really do wonder. Why do some choose to be politicians or even president? Honestly, it’s like the more I know about the world the less I understand it.

For instance, why don’t we hold doors for people? I do. I even hold the door for my dad (who then will hold the door and usher me through). I know that (most) people have two fully functional arms and can hold the door by themselves, but why not hold the door for someone right behind you?

Or this one, why is it weird to say hello or good morning to someone you have made eye contact with?

I have so many whys I could fill an encyclopedia. So, why isn’t it okay for me to ask why? I do genuinely want to know (98% of the time). I wish I could go around and ask people for their individual experiences, but most don’t pay me much attention…

So…if you’re reading this, may I ask why do you write/read Medium? Even if it’s just “because I’m bored” I still would like to know please! Also, if you would like to answer any of the above questions, I’d appreciate that too!

My Answers

I smile when I don’t want to because it makes me feel better if I am not happy and I feel like people are nicer to me if I smile.

I don’t know why someone wants to be a politician or president. I would guess maybe for change? Or to be remembered in history?

I think most people don’t hold doors for others because they don’t think about it. It would be an easy thing to let slip from the thousands of things that bounce around your head.

This I don’t understand. Why is it weird to at least say hi to someone you make eye contact with? It freaks me out a little when people just turn their heads away…

I think people get annoyed by whys. It is a question that challenges the depth of your knowledge (and sometimes your patience).

I find Medium to be a nurturing community for a curious mind, and a good listener for a troubled spirit.

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