Maroosh restaurant in Phoenix Mills in Mumbai

There are many restaurants in Mumbai and every month there are many new eateries that open in the suburbs. All these restaurants offer unique, different and interesting food. Mostly, students and working professionals eat at these restaurants during a day out. It has become a primary reason for these food joints being crowded during the afternoon. However, some places are open only in the evening till past midnight and caters especially to the dining aficionados that like easting their way into the early hours of the morning.

These days people want to pamper themselves in the company of good food and friends. So, these restaurants serve as a source of merrymaking for them. A lot of visitors who come to Mumbai visit the high-end Phoenix Mills mall in Lower Parel, Mumbai. Maroosh restaurant in Phoenix Mills in Mumbai offers an array of different kinds of food that is a perfect place to spend time with your partner, family or friends.

Maroosh lower parel and what it offers

• Maroosh offer a wide range of Lebanese and North Indian dishes in the Lower Parel, Mumbai outlet
• The restaurant is the popular place that offers delicious food at pocket-friendly prices
• If you want to spend some quality time with your loved ones and at the same time relish the delicacies of the Middle East, then this is the right place for you
• The restaurant does not provide live music or Wi-Fi or smoking, but offers smoky flavours that hum in your mouth
• Shawarma here is the best, it is a dish of rotisserie grilled chicken or paneer rolled in Pita bread along with some fries and different sauces
• It is renowned for its Lebanese cuisine that brings the aroma of the Arabian gastronomy with it
• The food here is infused with heady aromas of cumin and other Indian spices that are common to the Middle East as well
• Maroosh offers a range of exciting food without compromising the quality
• The place is perfect for picking up and munching amazing food on the go
• The chicken hummus salad acts as a mood lifter and is definitely worth the try
• Maroosh has seventeen stores across Mumbai that strikes a sumptuous balance for the Indian palate

Open till late night, it provides halal friendly food and open air eating options and home delivery options. With so many delicious dishes on the menu it is difficult to ignore them. The foods here is served quickly, is yummy and can be eaten on the go. The restaurant is situated in the walk-side shack at Phoenix Mills. A meal for two is really affordable here, situated at the ground floor of the mall. Maroosh restaurant in Mumbai is a monsoon delight that can be enjoyed around the year.