Points to remember before purchasing online diamond jeweleries

Diamond jeweleries are precious for everyone, especially for women. During any occasion and in festive season, diamonds play an important role. It brings smiles and happiness to everyone. Diamond jeweleries make the bond stronger and lasts years. Giving any diamond jewellery such as rings, bracelets, bangles to the special person in your life and your dear ones is anytime the best idea! But before buying diamond jewellery, some minute things must be known to the customer. Often times it happens that after purchasing diamond jewellery, the customers are being cheated under the name of real diamonds. All this happens due to lack of knowledge while buying diamond jeweleries.

Following are the points to remember while buying diamond jewellery

Diamond Cut: This helps us to know that from which angle the diamond is cut and from where the reflection of light will be seen. For value proposition, cut refers to a diamond’s proportions, symmetry and polish AGS (American Gem Society) has maintained a report of cut grade which starts from 0–10, , with zero being the very best and ten representing the lowest grade. Grade with AGS 1 and AGS 2 are of extreme cut and has the great value.

Diamond Clarity: This will show the internal and surface flaws of diamonds due to which the shine of the diamond becomes faint. To check the clarity of the diamonds, some grading are mentioned which will be hard to see through naked eye. Grading is as follows:
F — Rare and Flawless diamond
IF — Includes surface flaws but no internal flaws
VVS1-VVS2- slight inclusion is observed and will be detected only by the professional.
SI1-SI2 — Somewhat included but can be easily detected under 10x magnification.
I1-I2-I3 — This indicates that the diamond is having flaws and can be observed easily. Hence, avoid purchasing such diamonds.

Diamond Color: Always remember that colorless diamonds are brighter than colored ones. Colorless diamonds reflect the sunlight and shine more. Colorful diamonds absorbs the light and decreases the shine of the diamond. Nowadays, jewelers have come up with some tricks that will show the diamond is colorless; hence it’s better to check it under natural light.

Color Gradings are:
D — 100% colorless
EF- Are exceptionally transparent
GH — Are nearly colorless
IJ — Are nearly colorless but with a slightly more visible color tint.
KLM — Faint Yellow diamonds
N-R — Very Light Yellow
S-Z — Light Yellow

Diamond Carat: Last but not the least is the carat i.e. weight of the diamond. Diamonds and other gemstones are weighed in metric carats (1 carat =0.2 gm). The larger the diamond is, the more costly it is. One large diamond weight is more than five small ones of equal weight, hence, while purchasing, see to it that the jeweler is showing you the weight of only center stone and not the rest small surrounded diamonds.

Certification Mark: Finally, the trademark. This plays an important role to know that whether the diamond is real or fake. IGI, DGLA and some more certification states that the diamonds are 100% real. Hence, before paying, check any of this trade mark.

Above points if followed will give you the best value for money spent in buying diamond jewellery and you will not be cheated.

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