The latest collections at Tods showroom in Mumbai

The most important and desirable thing that a woman would ever want is a prime and classy international hand bag. Especially if it is crafted in United States of America, France and Italy, then no other designer hand bag can match its quality. Women always desire the best things in the market as they always want themselves to be stylish and different from other women around them. Women want to make a statement and a bag latest designer handbag empowers them to do so.

India was always lagging behind from the international market in the import of superiorly designed hand bags or other accessories but it has always been a place of large economic growth and all the international groups and brands have always tended to do business here. India can be planted with a seed, an idea and that is more than enough. In a population of over a billion even if one percent of the whole lot responds to the particular idea then it amounts to nearly ten million customers. That is the entire population of several countries.

The most demanding things in this world are styling accessories like hand bags, watches, clothes. Most of the international brands have laid their foundation well in India, for example: Tods in Mumbai has earned more than the expected revenue as compared to the previous year. The classy hand bags and the designer materials they are providing here, are being well received by consumers. The whole system is to grow interest amongst the Indians regarding the foreign brands.

Tods Mumbai, has well usurped most of the other Indian hand bag making companies’ market share. First of all a classy Italian company with classy Italian styling and design is more than enough for style buffs. Secondly they are giving you better quality products which domestic manufacturers are yet to provide. Although the prices are a bit higher than the Indian designer made hand bags,if you are ready to shell out a hefty amount of money for an Indian designer hand bag then why not save some more and have much better international one.

The company is providing us with several sections. The woman section is accompanied with stylish shoes, bags and accessories. So you can guess the excitement of a woman. Men are equally concerned about their fashion quotient, so Tods also has a section devoted to men with features shoes, bags, accessories and driving icons. The Tods showroom in Mumbai has their own collections like the summer collections, spring collections, Tods for Ferrari and many more exciting sections. You should visit them to believe the large, gorgeous collections and stocks they have for you.

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