What is software test automation

There may be times when you have bought new software and it starts showing defects after a few days of use. This is usually because there is a lack of pretesting. Software testing is done in two ways –manual and automation. Manual is the standard way of testing software. An expert or software engineer will manually check the systems units one by one to observe its behaviour and identify problems and finally fix them. This is a time taking process.

On the other hand, there is software test automation where pre-scripted tests are run by the system to check the accuracy and efficacy of your software. This is particularly helpful in case of long drawn tests that need to be completed. Self automation software are capable of not just running these tests, but recording the observations and making a report of the same. This saves you a lot of time and energy. Here are a few benefits of software test automation to help you understand its importance:

  • Self automation tests help you save time and money

These tests are prescript and do not require any one to operate them. By employing self automation tests, you can save the time and money that you would otherwise spend in hiring a resource to conduct manual software tests. These tests can be run over and over again and are much faster than manual tests.

  • They are more accurate

Self automation tests are more accurate than manually conducted tests. They are faster and can be repeated over and over in time to get accurate results. Accurate results are recorded and reports with precise measurements are made in lesser time.These tests are particularly effective when dealing with large web applications that have a large number of users. These tests have greater coverage and can be used on computers with different configurations too. If you are thinking of getting automated tests for your systems, you will not only be enhancing the performance of your system, but also saving time and energy of your resources.

Besides checking and enhancing the performance of your web application, ensuring the security of your system too is important. This can be done by software security testing. If you are an online business owner, you will understand how essential security is for your business. In order to protect the data of your users, you must get your system undertake this testing.There are several companies that can help you get independent testing services, software security testing and install self automation tests.

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