An Interview with Afa Dworkin
Daniel Bernard Roumain

Hi, I am Sonja Chen. If you ask me how do I define myself, I would said that I define myself as a culture exchanger (I am not sure if it make sense). Because I come from another country to America to learn about different culture.

There is no denying that people who are learning about foreign cultures generally come to appreciate and accept the differences between other cultures and their own.As Mel Ainscow, Emeritus Professor at the University of Manchester and coordinator of the drafting of the publication said : “the promotion of inclusion and equity in schools is about learning how to live with difference and, indeed, learning how to learn from difference”. Cross-border population flows, such as migration, lead to increased diversity within societies. This diversity often refers to the co-existence of a difference in behavior, traditions and customs -in short, a diversity of cultures.

According to Galloway and Dunlop, we have argued above that cultural products are distinctive from other creative activities because they are about the production and circulation of symbolic ideas.(page 26) As Afa Dworkin said :”The only way the art survive is if they find the sense of relevant and the only way they relevant is the artists made themselves.” In my opinion, the connection between artists is based upon the respect of diversity. Our vision would be expanded by the communication with exotic people, who live in quite different surrounding from ours and have various ideas maybe we never get.

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