The Problem With The Clinton-Russia Collusion Narrative
Caitlin Johnstone

[ I’m not denying that the Uranium One scandal and the controversy over the funding of the Steele dossier are legitimate concerns.]

Perhaps you should deny it. Snopes has credibly explained how the Uranium One scandal “was not Clinton’s to veto or approve,” and the matter of who funded the Steele dossier is a nothing burger.

If the dossier’s raw intelligence proves true, we can add it to the other intelligence we’ve gathered, make progress curbing Russian interference in our democracy, and extricate un-American elements from our politics. But best of all, the GOP can giddily remind everyone that a Republican funded it first!

If the dossier is bogus, Americans can rejoice that the current administration isn’t traitorous, fiscal conservatives can lampoon the DNC for wasting millions on bad research, and Hillary Haters can drown themselves in a sea of schadenfreude.

As it stands however, U.S. Intelligence is still investigating the dossier. While some sections have been verified, others are still under scrutiny. The only thing that’s certain is that it doesn’t matter who paid.

EDIT: My call to “extricate un-American elements from our politics” refers to Russian efforts to upend our values, using the term in the newest sense that sees un-Americanism as a departure from American values. It does not refer to McCarthyism.