You’re correct that collaboration with Russia--emoluments--is the real actual issue that needs to…
Christopher Poff

Respectfully, I disagree. The one who has misconstrued the facts is Johnstone. She says this about the four Dem Tweeters quoted in her piece:

“Every one of these people made a big deal about the Don Jr. meeting at Trump Tower, but you have to do some very impressive mental gymnastics to make what the Trump campaign did last year worse than what the Clinton campaign did.”

Her mistake is the common conservative mistake of equating opposition research with Trump Jr.’s apparent willingness to engage in election fraud. The four Dem Tweeters were simply pointing out this mistake — but it went over their heads.

To avoid legal exposure, Trump Jr. should have contacted the FBI to let them know a Russian national had offered him “something of value.” When Christopher Steele, the man who compiled the dossier for Fusion GPS, decided that his findings were alarming , he turned them over to the FBI without notifying Fusion GPS, so that the law, not partisan forces could determine whether they were true.

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