Time sheet entry

A lot of students at Bucknell takes some on-campus jobs to gain some income. For a lot of students, this source of income can be crucial. A lot of students actually work more than 10 hours a week for a very low minimum wage of approximately 8 dollars / hour. But the process to actually get this income after every other week is even more horrendous.

Horrendous time sheet entrydesign

Ignoring the fact that the overall aesthetics of the time entry form is terrible, we can also identify many other aspects that make the entry process very annoying to the users.

  1. Each student would have to click Enter Hours, which will take the user to another page just so that they can input their hour and save to the entry. This could easily improved by simply having a textfield.
  2. There is a row called Total Hour, which most of the time shows the exact information of the regular earnings above. This whole row can be omitted.
  3. Since each time entry contains work hours for 2 weeks, students have to click “Next” just to go to the other week. And they don’t have any summary that would calculate the total number of hours he or she works for both week. Why not just combines both week into one page?

These are all very minor issues. However, all these small issues can accumulate to create an annoying experience for the users. I really hope that in the future, Bucknell would at least make some minor tweaks so that the time sheet entry feature would at least become functional and more bearable to all the students.

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