Son Network 2015 / 2016 Special Appearance & Published Work

David Son Dey for AntiAnti & A Co. of WLVS, 2015, coming forward with the 2015 / 2016 Special Appearance & Published Work showcase. Considering the tradition of our progressive ideology and growing up with d.i.y. (do it yourself) w.i.p. (work in progress) projects, watching the process has become as equally fulfilling as sharing it. Since 2006, trying to define what I saw in my youth, opening my page for viewers (in edit mode) to see it start to finish becomes an actual interactive experience as opposed to the cliché ‘under construction’ scene — until due date. At some point, splash pages seemed to be the trend until received as distraction to click to enter or the squeeze/landing page isolated itself to sales, today cover pages are integrated as responsive assets.

Inevitably, coding is key, although the form vs function mighty debate leads relevance to both ends of the act, the balance of design & development … aesthetics & programming. Forgive the abstraction but in this life you observe something (visual) while thinking (code) about it to calculate reason & manifest value or worth in your own personal existentialist realization. This is a cosmic thing. With me, coming from an unorthodox background for a media-study (by way of film, music, fashion, design & aesthetics), stimulation arrives when I become aware of the problem/solution at the same time as I’m not able to see one w/o the other. I created a research group to build a sharp focus on finding things, this simulates a since of remembering different parts of the self, which is the truest act of sustaining — in order to lay the foundation for trust.

Each site maintained an energy-efficient (#000 …) background as a thinking green posture when climate-change frightened the m asses we prefaced this symbol as an ongoing understanding that we will inevitably return to our infinite & eternal home of darkness. Today, as a global community, we’re a bit distant from these adolescent ideas, thus our colors lighten to gray/silver and white, the former denoting transition.

Channeling current in modern society, the state of future-shock leads us to hyper-communication. The web affords a flux of intelligence, so for those that choose to access the power of knowledge can now do so on-demand. One of the main access points rather than search engines are portals, virtually, I’ve tried to offer an outlet by sharing on as many networks as frequently as possible. Over the years, curating philosophical ideas interconnecting with video, art, sound etc., global collaborations synchronized on the same thing becoming some type of organic ritual. In this approach, we’ll anthologize my personal portfolio of 15 years with daily content, starting with AntiAnti — Records of Activity, Inception Point & Current Studies comprised of 40+ assets (each will expand to higher resolution &/or background + detail information etc.) that will give a degree of what my personal activity is with the publication, ushering in the first official website for AntiAnti. At the inception, the medium was always the message, we wanted to share on each platform and seeing how well received the art was the WLVS were born. Following AntiAnti as a familiar, we will proceed with a relaunch for (upgraded corp. site) + (more content) around this time as well. As irregular as it may seem, we will move with the stars to connect each experience to the point where Sustain Branding has enough philosophy to explain the design studio’s initiative and publicly work as an effort to provide client/partner solutions. The salon maintained a variety of objects which will continue, we will offer special items to lead to exhibition of the full catalog.

Good design is serious business …

Another significant part of this change is moving towards film, sound design and music. As an introduction, I released 100% for AntiAnti Tree of Life[s] branch.extensions. The ephemeral media is a large part of our exchange, being the main vehicle for ideas to travel, we’ve pressed emphasis within this on-going series of shared thoughts. As an artist observing multiple genre’s with perseverance for omni-discipline, praxis has become the most efficient route to find direction. Using philosophy as the setting to all strategy, I’m looking to fill an individual void that will in turn push through the barriers of societal and community margins. With an esoteric front, concentrated efforts result in magic, always having a synchronization in some auspicious event with propitious timing … experiences defining true luxury through consanguinity rather than political influence.

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