How to help the local Stores in your Area — in times of Corona Crisis with WordPress

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This is not my idea! We saw this first at “Münster bringt’s” (Germany). The idea is simple but could help local Stores (a bit more) in these crazy times to survive. The idea: A website with a list of local stores and services, which switched to delivery, call/click & collect, onlineshop or similar.

My Partner tweaked the above the fold Hero Section from the Frontpage — just yesterday. Screenshot from 25.3.2020

Together with a webform where the Stores can submit what they offer now – the Website is up and running.

About 70 kilmeters up south — in Hagen, we thought: The idea “Münster bringt´s” is brilliant – Hagen needs this too!”

Every local area could benefit from such a service too.

The idea was brought to us and together (five of us) we build the functional prototype yesterday — and good news: We are going live on Monday. The »beta« Version will start collecting informations from the stores with a form right now

From now on, we only need to review the submissions and publish them.

(A little update will follow on Monday, 25.3.2020 , when we have built the “View to list” & “filter the stores” on the frontpage–but this easy.)

This is the WordPress Stack we used to build this website so fast

Screenshot of ACF Custom Fields of Custom Post type for the Stores · 23.3.2020
  1. WordPress
  2. Hosting ( — with Plesk Wordpress Toolkit
  3. Registering the Domains &
  4. GravityForms (sorry it is a paid plugin — but we already have got the Agency License, so if you yelp for help, we are more then excited to help you out) — this can also be achieved with every Form Plugin that supports creating (Custom) Posts or some php Kung-Fu.
  5. Custom Post Type UI — Free Plugin for fast CPT creation. You can write your own CPT if you like to.
  6. Advanced Custom Fields: ACF —damn it–also paid, but we’ve got a Lifetime Agency License and working with this almost daily…
    WordPress’s own Custom Fields would also be working.
  7. Elementor (Pro): (for rapidly building the Landingpage — this could also be achieved with Gutenberg or any similar (prefered?) PageBuilder — or classic HTML editing ;-)
  8. Content: Text & Graphic Input from several People

Calling all WordPress Experts to support your local Area!

If you need help for a Kickstart, just contact us!:)

First Design from our partner Markenliebhaber · Hagen

First Design from Markenliebhaber · Hagen
First Design from Markenliebhaber · Hagen

“Münster Bringt’s” list of local Stores, who now switched to delivery (Screenshot)

Screenshot: Part of List of local deliveries in City of Münster, Germany
Idea & Inspiration from Münster bringt`s · Screenshot, 21.3.2020

Update 1

Statify Pageviews: Screenshot from launch of the frist 3 days.

Ok, tonight is the 25. of March 2020. Short Recap of the last crazy days:

  • pre launched on Sunday — wrote Press Release and send it to several local publishers.
  • The Major of the City of Hagen cited in the press speech on sunday evening.
  • Monday 29.000+ Pageviews — Server almost crashed, we had to call Hosting, we need more Power — which we did get and our heartbeat started to calm down: 77 signed up to get listed and almost all got published on monday — mobile facebook and facebook as second most refferer is no wonder because of the FB Post of the Major of the City of Hagen – at least i think. And Facebook organic can still work really well! ;-)
  • Tuesday: 30.000+ Pageviews, 170+ Signups in total, My Partner from Markenliebhaber® published a german Blogpost with Video from the Project:
  • Wednesday (as of this Update writing): it is getting down ;-) only 19.000 Page Views — but we prepared another local area which are together 8 small cities which will start hopefully by the end of this week (Friday?):
Google News Carousel on the first day in Google local Searches for Hagen Liefert
Google News Carousel on the first day in Google local Searches for “Hagen liefert”

The interesting here is — the Press Release worked really well:

Screenshot in from Google Search console for the 3 first days.

When you google on monday 23.3.2020 (Domain was registered on Friday before). Your did get and News headlines from the localpublishers of printed Newspaper and on local radio station — in fact you got to see a »Google News Carousel« with the Keyvisual that Markenliebhaber created — just see below:


When Neil Patel said: The fastest / best way today, to build Links / (and get traction) is, to build an online tool that solves a problem and you have a Link-Magnet — like Ubersuggest is for him — or something in this direction he said.

I think he is right with this… Of course you need the Budget for something like this, but in the long — it will payback.

Even if Neils Plan to get High Ticket Clients with a Free(-mium) Tool did maybe not work so well — maybe Ubersuggest attracted the wrong Persona ;-) — it is superb SEO Traffic Tool for him.

Branded Searches in Search Console for the 3 first days.

To be continued…

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