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Spam text messages are a serious — and growing — problem. According to a recent report from AARP, North American cell phones receive nearly 50 million spam text messages every single day. Far more than just a simple annoyance for consumers, spam text messages can result in additional cell phone fees, drain your battery, and put you at risk of becoming a fraud victim. Indeed, a study conducted by the cybersecurity company Cloudmark found that as much as 70 percent of all text message spam is designed to defraud the receiver.

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Every cell phone user has important rights against spam text messages. You can make those messages stop. Under federal law, it is illegal to send spam text messages. If you or your loved one has received text spam, you may be entitled to financial compensation from the offending company or organization. To get immediate help with your case, please contact our experienced spam text message lawyers at 1–855 SPAM-TEXT. Initial consultations are free.

Anti-Spam Text Messages Laws

The Telephone Consumer Protection Act (TCPA) is a federal law that makes it unlawful for commercial actors to send spam text messages. Signed into law 1991, the legislation was crafted specifically to crack down on telemarketing. While the law was passed before the rise of cell phones and texting, text messages clearly fall under the purview of the TCPA.

Under the law, it is unlawful to send unsolicited commercial messages to any wireless device — most notably, it is illegal to send a spam text message to a cell phone. In recent years, the TCPA has been updated. Companies are now required to get your express authorization before sending you commercial text messages. Please note: your cellphone is protected under the TCPA even if you never signed up for the Federal Do-Not-Call registry. You do not have to register to protect yourself against spam texts.

Beyond the TCPA, you may also have rights under other laws. For example, many states have enacted their own regulations that prohibit spam text messages. In addition, if you are receiving text spam from a debt collector or a financial services company, you may be protected by other regulations. Finally, if you were defrauded by text message spam, or if you believe that your identity or sensitive personal information was in some way compromised, you should speak to a financial fraud lawyer immediately.

Compensation Available for Spam Text Message Violations

If you received unlawful text message spam, you may be eligible to recover financial compensation from the offending company. This is done by filing a spam text message lawsuit. Under the TCPA, plaintiffs may recover between $500 and $1,500 per each offending spam text. If you believe that you have a spam text message claim, it is imperative that you take immediate action to protect your rights.

Put a Stop to Spam: How to Report a Spam Text Message

To move forward with a legal claim, you need to know how to prepare an effective case and how to report text message spam. It is important that you document the spam messages and that you take action to stop future violations. If you want to stop spam text messages and recover the compensation you are owed under the law, you should be sure to do the following four things:

  1. Keep the Offending Text Message: Do not delete spam texts. That spam text message is critically important evidence. Save the original copy, take a screenshot, and try to back it up in any way you can. You need a copy of the spam text: keep every message.
  2. Document All Other Relevant Information: You should also try to document any other relevant information that you have that is related to the spam text message or to the likely sender. For example, if you are getting spam texts from a debt collection company, and you have dealt with the debt collector before, you should organize those records. This will make it easier to pursue a legal claim.
  3. Report Spam Text to the FTC: Text messages spam should generally be reported to the Federal Trade Commission (FTC). The FTC can help you take action to put a stop to the spam texts as well as to any underlying scam or fraud related to the spam.
  4. Speak to a TXT Message Spam Lawyer: While the FTC and state-level regulators play a key role in stopping text message spam, they will not be able to help you get the financial compensation that is owed to you under federal law. To bring a lawsuit under the TCPA, you should seek representation from a qualified attorney.

How a Spam Text Attorney Can Help

Getting money for spam text messages can be challenging. You need a well-prepared, persuasive legal claim. It is crucial that you seek guidance from a legal professional. Remember, you may be eligible to recover $500 to $1,500 for each spam text you received. A top spam text message lawyer will:

● Conduct a comprehensive review of your claim;

● Explain your legal rights and legal options to you;

● Help you report spam texts to the FTC and to any state regulators;

● Work to identify the spam texter; and

● Prepare a TCPA claim to get you financial compensation.

Contact Our Spam Text Lawyers Today

At Sonn Law Group, our top-rated spam text message attorneys are strong advocates for our clients. We have the skills and experience needed to protect your legal rights and your financial interests. Our legal team will help stop illegal spam text messages — and we will fight aggressively to assist you in pursuing the maximum available financial compensation.

To arrange a free, no obligation consultation, please do not hesitate call our law office today at 1–855 SPAM-TEXT. Our legal team will conduct a comprehensive review of your case and determine exactly what steps you need to take to recover financial compensation. We handle spam text messages cases nationwide.

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