“Flawed”: Perfect Is The Enemy Of The Good If You’re A Female Presidential Candidate
Sarah Lerner

“ “Flawed,” when attached to Clinton, didn’t take on the connotation of “We all make mistakes and that’s okay.” That’s reserved for men.”

What color is the sky in your fantasy world? Because the campaign I just saw was one in which Hillary Clinton was widely known to have committed multiple felonies yet was never even once held accountable for it, never made to answer for her crimes. Lying under oath to Congress is a felony, known as perjury. And when you’re under investigation by the F.B.I. a normal citizen is not allowed to have their staffers go over with a fine toothed comb the evidence that the F.B.I. is demanding in order to weed out anything incriminating before turning it over. That absolutely constitutes obstruction of justice, another felony. Funny though, anyone in this country with more than shit for brains knows Hillary’s a multiple felon yet nothing happens to her.

So you really think that the media scrutinized Hillary in such a way that was unfair and extra harsh because she was a woman? Seriously? Because the Hillary Clinton I saw was someone with such a laughable record that the ONLY reason she was taken seriously is because she is a woman. With her record of being a do-nothing Senator who sponsored a total of three pieces of legislation (one to name a road, another to name a post office and another to name some other government building) then being probably the worst, definitely the weakest and most indecisive secretary of state this country has ever had, a man with that kind of worthless record would have been laughed right off the stage and never considered for the nomination. It was ONLY because Hillary is a woman that she was given extra chances that no man would have gotten. It’s why the media pretended like Hillary had some kind of a record of accomplishment and achievement when she has been nothing but a coattail rider for the last thirty years, owing everything that she is to having been waterskiiing from Bill Clinton’s coattails for a generation. No, sorry, if Hillary Clinton was a man someone would have told her immediately “Uh, sorry buddy, you’re not remotely qualified to be president, you have a crappy record of being a do-nothing empty suit politician, forget about it. You’re not going anywhere.”

But because Hillary is a woman she was given extra chance after extra chance, opportunities no male politician would have had because like with so many other things in life, unlike women, men are (gasp!) actually forced to answer for the consequences of their adult actions. Men don’t get second and third and fourth chances, men don’t get do-overs in life, men don’t get escape hatches from the consequences of their actions. You see, adult men are actually expected by society to behave as adults. Unlike women we don’t get to dodge the consequences of our behavior. If you doubt that then ask yourself why the same legal system that tells a man who doesn’t want to be a daddy “Tough tittie son, you got this woman knocked up so now you’re going to have to be mature enough to be a dad or at least pay child support payments for the next 18 years”, ask yourself why that same legal system says to a woman who doesn’t want to be a mommy “Oh that’s alright, oh you poor dear, you shouldn’t have to deal with any icky old responsibilities in life you don’t want to deal with, so just go down to the abortion clinic and get that unborn human dismembered and sucked out of your uterus so you can go on with your life as YOU want to live it.”

So the same legal system that forces a man, on penalty of jail time, to meet his adult obligations, is the same system that lets a woman dance away from the adult consequences of HER own actions, even when the man’s dodge of his responsibilities comes at no greater cost than the woman not getting a monthly check whereas the woman’s dodge of responsibilities results in the DEATH of another human being. Yet the law allows the woman to be that irresponsible, immature and heartless while it holds men to jail time if we don’t meet our obligations. In other words the most egregious double standard the world has ever seen.

So what I’ve seen with Hillary is just par for the course. Adult men in this country are expected to behave as adults, answer for the consequences of our actions with no expectation of an escape route or a do-over. Adult women in this country on the other hand have all the same rights a man does plus some additional “rights” that no man will ever have, yet they aren’t expected to meet anywhere near the same standard of responsibility in life as a man.

Common sense should tell you that women in this country deserve either 1. the right to a legal abortion or 2. the right to vote but certainly not both because they’re inherently contradictory. By saying that someone is a responsible adult who should be allowed to vote is saying that person has no need to avail themselves of murder in all but name to get out from under their adult responsibilities. That they are expected to make it through life acting like an adult. But if someone is so immature, irresponsible and childish that they just HAVE to avail themselves of an abortion to dodge their unwanted responsibilities then guess what? That person has no more business voting in an election than a dog or cat or an infant does.

So when you’ve got a situation where women in this country literally have the best of both worlds, where they have malleable responsibilities that they can take off and put on like a coat when it suits them, acting like immature overgrown children when that suits them because they want an abortion, and claiming to be adults when it’s time to vote, it should be fairly obvious that not only are women in this country the opposite of being second-class citizens, the opposite of being unfairly scrutinized or people who have to be so much better than a man just to get recognized, to the contrary women in this country have all the rights of a man, plus some special privileges on top of that which no man will ever have, yet only a fraction of the adult responsibilities expected of them.

You truly have no idea how good you have it. What more could you want than having more rights than a man with less responsibilities than a man has to deal with? What more do you want? Have you ever heard the expression “overplaying your hand”?

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