You read my mind!

You have a good sense of humor, I’ll give you that. But I wonder what election cycle you must have been watching because the one that I saw was one in which the mainstream media, totally in the tank for Hillary from day one, told the American people every chance they got how unelectable Trump is, how he’s a joke, how the GOP would be signing its death warrant by nominating him etc.

Meanwhile the same mainstream media consistently pretended that Hillary had some kind of a record of accomplishment when she is someone who clearly would have never amounted to anything more than a great pile of nothingness if not for being married to Bill Clinton. She owes literally EVERYTHING she has in the political world to her husband. She has been Madam Coattail Rider for the last 30 years. If she was a male politician with her record of being a do-nothing Senator and the worst secretary of state in my lifetime she would have never been considered for the nomination. It is ONLY because she’s a woman, because voting for her would supposedly make someone a part of an historic movement to elect the first woman president of the U.S., that she was even considered.

No, even with the mainstream media completely acting as a propaganda arm of her campaign, with a sitting president degrading himself by acting as a shill for her campaign, with the backing of the Bilderberg Group and with Hillary even being allowed to break the law with impunity in a manner I certainly would never be allowed to do she STILL lost. Face it. She’s just a fucking loser who has no more business in American politics than a carnival barker. She’s a great example of how being a coattail rider can take you far in life, sometimes almost to the top, but it’s not always enough. In this case it wasn’t.

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