The future of entertainment

We participated in the Shina-Tech Marche event (link in Japanese) held by Shinagawa Season Terrace Area Management team on May 27th-28th 2017.

Our company aims to utilize technology to create new entertainment systems for children. In this event we presented two of our prototypes, “Futuristic Sandbox”, a sandbox with projection mapping and “Magical Spray Can”, a virtual graffiti system using VR tracking technologies.

  1. Futuristic Sandbox. Using a depth sensor we detect height changes of the sand in real time. As a result, we can project colors on the sandbox corresponding to the topography. High areas become mountains and low areas are rivers and oceans. There are various sea creatures and virtual objects in the sandbox such as treasure chests that can be opened using a magical vacuum cleaner (We use computer vision to detect the chest opener). Contact us for more details ;)
Projection mapping on sand

2. Magical Spray Can. You spray and mix various colors on a whale. The systems supports up to 4 people at the moment and there are various color combinations to create your very own unique whale! The spray can is made with 3D printer, and inside it we also included a simple circuit board to emulate the spray can hissing sound when you press it !

Spray can and VR tracker

By combining technology, we aim to provide kids with a safe and clean way to enjoy creative activities, which are not always possible since many tend to be messy and/or dirty. The sand we used is a special kind of sand called “Security Sand” which can be bought here. It is safe even when eaten by accident. And it has specific properties that make it hard for bacteria to grow, so it’s ok to just brush away the sand after playing. As the spray can, since it is projected and not real paint, you won’t make a mess on the floor and your clothes.

As this was our first tryout with the prototypes, we experienced many problems. Small kids tend to break things, as they did with the sandbox toys…and some of the spray cans start behaving weird on the last day of the event. But even with all that, more than 1000 people came to our booth during the two-day event. I would like to thank everyone who came for their valuable feedback. These will definitely help us refine our products in the future. I hope you enjoyed the event as much as we do. Thank You!

PS : We got covered by the media (In Japanese)

東京)最先端技術で未来の砂遊び 品川:朝日新聞デジタル
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