Hello future self…

Dear Sonny,

I hope you have learned a lot from small Teddy’s Develop camp. Or should I say Big Teddy’s Develop camp. I Hope you are able to blow high A# or even higher on the trumpet. I hope you have been placed in a good De-Anza Force soccer team with your friends from last season. I hope you have began the second season of SWISH NJB basketball team with some good coach and the same good teammates. I hope you are done coding your html and css website and have posted it. I hope you have had some good vacations and have accomplished many goals. I hope your private school Saint Andrew turns out to be really fun and you have learned a lot. I hope you have made it into the Saint Andrew basketball team. I hope you have finished cleaning your room and have beaten the really hard level in Call Of Duty Ghosts. I hope you get good grades in school. If you can beat your old record of 14 miles hiked in one day I would be impressed and happy. I hope you get first class in boy scouts before your 13 years old. Good luck with all these goals/to do list. I know you can finish all of these goals so that’s why I wrote them done

In the Past,