Kerala Handloom Weaving Party Wear Saree

Sarees from Kerala, belonging to the traditional handloom sarees of the region are famous for their beautiful weave and texture. These traditional cotton sarees draw their inspiration from the traditional Mundum Neriyathum sarees that are prevalent amongst the malayali womenfolk. There is no doubt about the fact that the saree style has evolved and adapted itself to modern tastes of fashion and requirement. However, these sarees still retain the traditional feel about them, so much so, that these are ideal for wearing to any party or family occasion!

Starting off as sarees that were hand woven with embroidered designs being featured on them, they have evolved, so much so, that they are now woven by the manufacturers using power looms, and printed designs and trendier motifs now decorate these traditional handloom Kerala sarees. These sarees, usually in cream or white color, are set of by their borders that can be a zari border or a copper or golden colored border. These Kasavu sarees are especially meant to be worn for auspicious occasions in Kerala.

In the Mundum Neriyathum variant of the saree, it is the blouse that adds a dash of color to the attire fort the festivities. An informal color code is followed wherein; the unmarried girls prefer wearing green colored blouses while the married ones prefer to wear red. With modern tastes blending in with ethnic traditions, the designs on the pallu have become more elaborate to incorporate temple patterns or peacocks, thus making the Kerala cotton handloom saree a preferred choice for women all over the world. The perfect amalgamation of simplicity with style that is seen in these sarees, gives off a rich and elegant look that is suited for all festive occasions.

The traditional Mundum Neriyathumstyle of draping these sarees has Buddhist and Jain influence in it. There is a hint of the Greco-Roman culture as well in the way the saree is draped over the upper torso! Wearing the saree in this style is a welcome change from the general way a saree is draped, making for a style statement that is rooted in Indian culture! Else, you can always wear these handloom cotton sarees the Kasavu way which is the more casual way of draping the saree.

The base fabric used to weave these sarees is Kora cloth. It is basically unbleached cotton that when endowed with its gold or zari border that gives each of these sarees a unique look. Block prints are being used on these sarees along with checkered patterns that are in keeping with the styles in vogue. You can have these handloom sarees customized according to your taste and requirement. With the growing popularity of the simplistic look, these cotton handloom sarees are garnering a lot of attention. Hence, you are sure to find a lot of online sites selling these sarees and at a reasonable price too. Kasavu sarees make for a highly sophisticated and sober look and suit both the younger lot and the older women.