Geneva, Switzerland: September 13, 2018 — Why Swisscom Blockchain AG?

SonoCoin is pleased to announce it recently selected Swisscom Blockchain AG as a strategic technical service provider. Swisscom Blockchain AG is a leader in providing blockchain, cryptocurrency and Tokenization related services in the Swiss market and worldwide. Thanks to their technical capabilities and expertise, SonoCoin’s main launch event raising will benefit from an infrastructure that guarantees security of funds and compliance.

Our working relationship with Swisscom Blockchain is divided into two primary workstreams.

1. ICO Launch

An initial legal and ground clearing will include in-depth understanding of all requirements needed for a successful ICO launch. This will be followed by careful planning of Swisscom Blockchain’s KYC and AML integration.

2. Protocol Release

A second workstream will be running in parallel concentrating on the technical aspects of SonoCoin’s platform. Swisscom Blockchain’s software engineers are in the process of carrying out a code audit. They will also be thoroughly documenting the code for publishing and making it readily available for the community on GitHub.

Swisscom will host a testing environment for protocol verification purposes, pattern recognition, API reviews, and identification of flawed logic. Full detailed testing is planned before the official public launch with test scenarios for performance analysis.

An additional managed Bug Bounty program will be supported by Swisscom Blockchain to identify any further issues in SonoCoin’s code. The SonoCoin development team will be overseeing the progress and awarding the community of white hat hackers in return for bug reports revealing weaknesses and vulnerabilities of the code.

Swisscom is trustworthy, innovative and is leading the way in providing real-world solutions to the blockchain industry. We are fortunate to welcome them on-board as a strategic technical service provider of SonoCoin.