Does DC need a Trump Hotel?

After reading another story about something happening at a Trump rally I’ve finally figured out the whole Trump Presidential thing, it’s a spectator sport - think Mad Max meets POTUS tryouts. People are going to these gatherings to see something happen. Even Trump open the curtain into this part of operations when he said:

“You know it’s sort of fun. Isn’t this more exciting?” Trump added. “You know, you go to a Hillary thing. It’s like, boring. You go to a Jeb thing and you fall asleep. (COME TO MINE AND I”LL CREATE…)

The thing is we live in a Republic stumbling towards a more Democratic EVERYTHING and the game that Trump is playing, which I’ve already posted about here, is only to help Trump. I have to ask does the Nation’s Capitol need to have a hotel on it’s most prominent street in a block reserved from grand buildings centered upon the foundation of our country with the name of someone that would act like this at a rally to make them the leader of the free world?

Are there any remnants?” Trump later asked, as another protester shouted out.
“There’s a remnant,” he said, pointing. “Throw him out.”

Seems the brand Trump is now about hate and hurting people and worse yet finding others to lay the blame upon and possibly do a bit of harm to them while at it.

“It’s about 10 degrees below zero outside… You can keep his coat; tell him we’ll send it to him in a couple of weeks,” Trump told security.

On a District level is there room for this hate in a community that takes pride in leading the way for the very groups of people that TRUMP hates And since a Hitler-loving possible fascist, which Tump seems to be revealing to the public during this 2016 Presidential campaign to be, represent the brand that our Nation wants so gaudily displayed to visitors to see standing out between our Capitol and White House on Pennsylvania Ave.