We’re Entertaining our Economy to Death

Cue the Halibutonization of US Made Music the Majors Suck.

So here’s the deal exports are the economic engine that drives growth on the local level, NOTE TO #MUSICCITIES, and of course on the national level. Yet there’s a sour note in the US’s exports and it’s really a whole sympthony of problems. While we’re at it let’s, let the air out of the methaporical sneakers this tripe about Cultural Diplomacy: cuz if you don’t exports- it’s not happening.

Staring with the fact that we don’t encourge USMADEMUSIC to be made or exported to any extent. Sure a few cities have figured it out (Austin, Cleveland, Houston, Memphis, Seattle ~ standout) however it’s not so much on Congress’s agenda which is where we’re all need to come together for the chours you know the part where we’re Entertaininig our Economy to Death.

Now one has to really dig deep down the data stack to find what is now a combined filed 334614 of Software (334611) and Music (334612) FYI best way to keep the HALIBURTONIZATION of US Made Music on the downlow.

Just looking at the Seasonally Adjusted number you can see that the USA isn’t doing… so good. More alarming should be that your reading about it here and not in an economic journal, study or one single US’s poltician’s talking points. Again, when we get to the chorus take note of this part and take into consideration that IP is suppose to be our top export.

These IP-intensive industries support tens of millions of jobs and contribute several trillion dollars to our gross domestic product (GDP). This report not only estimates the contributions of these industries to our economy, but also gauges the ripple, or domino, effects they have on employment throughout the economy. They represent the leading edge of our economy that is built on the ingenuity of the American people and their future growth is increasingly dependent on effective protection of IP rights both here and abroad.

Get the PDF and read it know full well the US doesn’t support it’s own music.

To make this even more specific, I’ve already blogged about how if the Queen, alone exported her music out of the USA into the UK alone the US would have a positive balance. Now to run off on a drum solo and beat this to dealth a bit more about this trade imbalance.
As I’m also fond of saying that those Adele, Mumford & Sons that we love and consuming is how we’re enteratining our economy to death.

This graphic above represent the current Value of Exports with the US and the UK for the Month of August 2015. Clearly we’ve had some records come out in the biggest month of the Summer.

Hmmmm, what comes to mind is Dr. DreCompton: A Soundtrack by Dr. Dre and it was straigh out not exported Chorus we’re entering our economy to death the majors suck… since “Compton saw 294,600 units of total activity” in the 1st week so sang the prise in the big news back in Aug.

Sure, other big names came out too like Jordan Sparks, Method Man and even Miley and they too don’t export out of the US. How could we be since we’re only exporting to the UK 26% more then we import in for Aug and overall the US had advance import of goods 13.6 percent higher than we exported. (fact came via the US Census App) and this is hopefully firing some resonance with those that do care about the USA.

There are of course a few suspects as to who’s wanting to keep the US from engaging in “Culture Diplomacy” and economic success. They happen to be headquartner’d in France, Germany , Japan and one mess of a shell HQ’d in NYC that is noted for employing in excess of 3,500 people and has operations in more than 50 countries throughout the world.[2] Let alone the rest of the world and it’s happening right in front of us on the front page news more often as not.

Now! how is that not one of the Major’s USA based artists band or groups are exported out of the USA. Gee does the term HALIBURTONIZATION come into consideration yet? Hit that Chours again while at it. …We’re entertaining our Economy To Death the Majors Suck

No, well I’m not done yet either! Since there’s something even lamer, The US doesn’t fund it’s own culture development, No I’m not talking about that mind-boggling low budget afforded to the National Endowment of Arts, which is btw .0004 precent of the budget. Moreover, often than not they have to fiend Congressman trying to make cuts to it’s budget like there’s no tomorrow or regard for US cultural diplomacy .

I’ve been blogging about how the MajorsSuck.com for many, many years and come to think about it; YET! another reason to ensure that a Democrat is in the White House: Or we could lose all the arts. FYI To save space I’m skipping the part of about how the Import Export Bank is backing US Made Film and not US Made Music, cuz if they where the US couldn’t be negitiave 397 precent in that trading category (and this is pointed out a few time here) could it?

A song part that contains the hook or title and appears more than once in a song is usually called ‘a chorus.’”[7]

Now to the chorus of we’re entertaining our Economy to Death the Majors Suck is literal, figurative and policy of the US Congress.

That’s right there’s a M.U.S.I.C. ACT, or in the elequoe words of the man that introduced it “Our small, independent music labels are finding it increasingly difficult to sell their goods in the global marketplace,” said Nadler. “This bill would help promote U. S. exports in an extremely competitive industry whose talents cannot be outsourced. Helping these businesses access foreign markets is also an important part of President Obama’s goal to double U. S. exports in five years — an effort in which New York, home to many independent music labels and artists, continues to take the lead.”

Let’s be honest if we keep up at the rate of entertaining our econmy to Death the full on HALIBUTONIZATION will be the only tune the US gets; Since it’s clear we’ve abaondoned the MUSIC ACT <<<BTW do something about and click on the Change.org petition)))))

I don’t think I’m going out on a limb saying that by 2017 the USA could be down to exporting -700 percent is what is on track to unfold. Sadly between the time I first became aware of this trend and now it when from a possiblity of a trade imbalance to this national shame. Cue the chorus We Entertaining our Economy to Death the Majors Suck

As Congress hasn’t once talked about the MUSIC ACT. Sure we know there’s super important stuff to do

However the current chours has got to be changed and it’s going to take folks waking up to the simple fact that ever other other country takes the time and effort to support it’s culture let alone economic trade, So let me ask if we’re not supporting US Made Music, which we’re not; Why! Not?

A new chours is needed: Let’s Entertain or Economy to Prosperity Buy Indie Support Locals

RT and often….

PS I would love to see all politicians running for office use US Made Music as part of their announcement and campaign events; Since all of the GOP used non-US Made Music in their announcement it’s an issue.

Seriously! I couldn’t make this up…and it the biggest conspiracy that no one is talking about until now! Thanks for the Medium to let it all hang out…

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