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Actually, you also have a system where the same lonely men can actually be taken advantage of again as a pathway to citizenship, along with the woman’s entire family. When I was a Sailor, I knew many a sucker who would contract VD from a bar girl who “loves me, man!”, they later marry, take her stateside and she becomes a Westpac widow every time the ship sails.

In matters of the heart and finance, exploitation is rampant in equal measure on both sides.

Yes, you are a misandrist. If you don’t cut a man the same slack as you would a woman, you are most definitely a man hater. I want people to have more character. Some people who use mail-order bride websites don’t have character, for sure, but many are just trying to find shelter in the proverbial storm.

Those that do, do not have the advantages that you or I do. They have limitations that are not always limitations in character. But chances are, even the ones who have low character are STILL more merciful and less judgmental than you are.

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