Abortion has no perfect answer.
Christopher Malloy

By far, most of the abortions that were performed prior to Roe v. Baby was done by physicians and midwives (this is according to old Planned Parenthood pamphlets in the late 60’s) . Although there have always been do it yourself abortions, and there always will be, the actual number will remain relatively small.

President Clinton had the view that abortion should be safe, legal, and rare. This is the same position I have. HRC, on the other hand wanted to remove the Hyde amendment and, when pushed, stated that she would not ban late term abortions, calling all abortion “sacrosanct”.

I agree that there are many things that we could be doing that we will probably never do to prevent the “need” for abortion. I actually have very radical ideas about such things, from mandatory step-wise reproductive education starting at kindergarten, to mandatory LARC for anyone on any form of government assistance.

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