Did the intention of this post evade you or are infact loving and merciful only to yourself rather…
Ebony Bree Caple

Did the author say being born White in America is to be born and bred a racist or not? If so, if then being born Black in any of the countries in Africa would be to be born a bred a racist too. I ran into quite a few racist Japanese when I was stationed there. I was called Baca gaijin! Once a man even spit at my feet when he said it. but over all, very few were racists. Has a racist ever spit at YOU?

That was true intention of his post. To malign an entire race of people for the actions of a few and to hold them to account for the “sins” of their ancestors. My grand father was a Klansman, but HIS grandfather fought for the Union, so how does that fit into you ledger? But some of my ancestors are Choctaw and walked Trail of Tears too. Do I get a pass for that?

I was once beaten and left for dead by a bunch of Black dudes once who yelled “cracker!” as they hit and kicked me, so there’s that. Have you ever been surrounded by White dudes and beaten and kicked unconscious while they yelled “nigger!”? How does one keep up with who owes who?

I am married to a Black woman and daughter of a civil rights activist and work in community medicine taking care of mostly minority patients. I’ve saved thousands of POCs lives, how many have YOU saved? Now that I think about it, I’m certain that I’ve done far more for them than they have for me, but unlike you, I don’t keep score. Unlike you, to me they are simply people to love, help, and sometimes forgive and make allowances for just everyone else.

Hate works off pride. It’s so easy to earnestly fight hate and not realize that you are hating just as much as the people you oppose. You pride tells you that you are righteous and cannot be evil like they are, but in you heart become no different than them.

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