Manning was a criminal who endangered the lives of the intelligence assets whose communications she…
David Cearley

Exactly. Snowden is a civilian who revealed what the government was doing to civilians. Manning was a soldier who revealed important secret military data to the entire world. They maybe whistle-blowers, but apples and oranges are also food. Manning is a traitor. He should have at the very minimum spent the majority of his life in prison.

And as far a being suicidal goes, if you take a mentally unstable person and give them incredible doses of hormones that are incorrect for his sex and thinks like this will happen. He was literally hysterical from probably entirely too much estradiol.

I agree with a lot of things Cailtyn writes, but Manning is a soldier who gave away vital military information while overseas in a time of war. If he ever saw day light, it should be as an old man or woman. This is a travesty.

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