You seem to be wanting to change the goalposts of the discussion, you attempted to make claim that…
Louis Weeks

What strikes me as interesting is human beings have a long history of renaming lives we want to justify killing. Looking back at our distant and recent past we see this happen all the time. Those wanting to do the killing love to create new names for that human life they want to destroy, it makes it easier, you are not killing a human being, you are only erasing a nigger or a jew or a terrorist etc from existence.
This same exact mindset is held by the pro-abortion crown, this is not a human life, it is only a zygote, or embryo, we see these unborn referred to as cancer or a cyst or other non-human description all the time.

Exactly! We use slurs to dehumanize people. Those slurs can be what I call Newslurs, such a calling anyone who doesn’t embrace Critical Theory as a racist, mysogynist, homophobe, xenophobe, transphobe, etc, or the standard slurs such as the ones you listed.

It’s inevitable that people at war do the same thing. Denying the humanity of others with such slurs as Krauts, Japs, Gooks, Skinnies, Towel heads etc makes it much easier to kill them. In the pro-abortion movement, they use medical words such as “embryo” or “fetus” for the exact same reason. This is why they quickly jump on anyone that calls them “babies”. They say it’s to maintain objectivity, but it’s really just another Newslur applied to the unborn.

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