It’s hard to criticize your proposal, because you didn’t make one.
Bill St. Clair

Hate speech legislation will inevitably morph and distort. It is a defensive weapon and all weapons can and will be misused. For instance, the main purpose of Critical Race Theory is to displace all blame of the failures of Black subculture on White people. Of course we are to blame for a lot of the bad things to happen to Black people, that is obvious. What is just as obvious is Black people are responsible for some of the failures within their subculture too. Critical Race Theorists want to deny this responsibility.

General System’s Theory states plainly that any system without feedback will fail. This is in keeping with the second law of Thermodynamics. Entropy waits every closed system. If Critical Race Theory keeps prominent Black leaders from encouraged self-correction and responsibility (internal feedback) and if those theorists use hate speech legislation to prevent external feedback for effecting the system, then Black subculture will continue to falter and fail.

Of course, that’s what the hustlers want anyway. They have no power if the system is vibrant, healthy, and resilient. I strongly suspect that, like the welfare state before it, the unintended consequence of hate crime legislation will be an even weaker Black subculture that is more dependent on the government and more despised by simple people who are not dependent.