Thanks for the comment. Would you please tell me more about what tactics you don’t support and why?
H. Nemesis Nyx

I detest any form of identity politics. It divides our country and creates a lot of vitriol on both sides. The worst part is the exclusionary mindset. Because if this, it pits races against each other. I suspect that they are actually creating more racism; Blacks are becoming more racist against Whites and Whites are becoming more racist against Blacks. Love is what is needed and they produce an incredibly unlovable front.

Chanting “pigs in a blanket, fry ’em like bacon.” after a cop was killed by a BLM follower and blocking traffic does nothing to win people over to their cause, but it sure gives their followers the dopamine rush they crave, doesn’t it? They blocked White business owners in Chicago on Black Friday, costing as much as 50% revenue loss. They refused to allow White people to attend their meeting in Philly last year. Philly BLM isn’t even focusing on police shootings, but instead on “Black liberation”. They praised Fidel Castro here on Medium. They even forced the cops on Toronto from marching in the Gay Pride parade this year.

I could go on and on. Just read the crap that Di Di Delgado publishes here on Medium. All of it is hateful, racist and divisive. I suspect that their belligerence and refusal to reach across the isles may have helped chump win the presidency. If they continue, they will help him win a second term.

I actually think that is their design all along. Race hustlers must have division in order to remain in power. Gotta run.

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