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I have no doubt that many of the men that cruise these sites are predators, but most of them? Probably not. You see in the West, the dirty little secret is women objectify men every bit as much as men do women. The ideal of women being more virtuous and less abusive than men is a myth and more and more of us men are seeing through that smoke screen.

So, if a guy isn’t made to be an alpha, is short, fat and or bald he takes in the teeth continuously. For instance, I strongly believe that the “gamergate” mentality in the IT world is because of how cruelly many of them have been rebuffed. If you treat geeks like crap, openly mock them in a tequila fueled moment of open candor, and insult them, don’t be surprised if they get hostile when the only safe place they have ever know is invaded by the ones who hurt them the deepest.

Men out there in the western dating scene are getting hurt and exploited every bit as much as women are. Only phemonists and other types of misandryists blame the ones who aren’t good looking enough or rich enough for looking for greener pastures.

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