A Black man reaching for anything when the cops are ready to strike is a death sentence.
I Don’t Write About Racism Because I Hate White People
Ezinne Ukoha

I have no doubt that what happened to him was racially motivated. I was once trained by a cop who said that cops are trained to look at peoples hands. If they cannot see your hands, they assume you have a weapon. By the same reasoning, if some one runs and then reaches for something, they assume that the person is trying to escape and when escape is blocked, then reaching for a weapon is the next option.

This is what happened with Alton Sterling: 
They were told he had a gun.

When they took him down, his shoulder was under the front of the car.

They could not see or control his right hand, while at the same time one of the officers felt the gun in his pocket.

They told him not to move.

The officer trying to control Sterling’s right hand was using his left, non-dominant hand to do it, and was not succeeding.

Sterling continued to move his right hand toward his side.

His shoulder was under the car, so they could not get on that side. 
They warned him again.

He continued to move that arm. 
They shot him.

Don’t get me wrong, as a general rule, I detest cops. They, like the government, are a necessary evil who should rarely get the benefit of the doubt, but sometimes they have a legal and moral shooting. Peace!

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