Identity Politics: A Control Mechanism

I see it also from a neuro/biological standpoint as well as a Christian one. Outrage is the result of a production and release of dopamine in the synapses. This outrage gives us a sweet little rush. We chose hatred because it produces a well from which we can always return to get our fix. Ironically enough, dopamine is responsible for our feelings of love as well.

From a Christian prospective, it’s all based on our pride. We want to feel better than “them”. This feeling of superiority maybe based on believing the stereotypes and even objective, quantitative research that underlies physical, moral, or cognitive differences. It doesn’t matter. A learned man realizes that even he doesn’t fit the stereotype. A bigot rejects such wisdom, and does it out of pride.

The tribalist, the bigot, and the identitarian are really one in the same, if you think about it. They all use the cruel and stupid to define an entire group of people because they feel superior to them. The same hatred I get from Black activists for rejecting Critical Race Theory comes from the same place that caused that asshole to plow into those protesters.

In this narcissistic era, this decadent and hidden nihilistic era, the almighty Self has been esteemed enough. The Id rules. We have become our own god and feel the need to pour out our own godly wrath. We know we are too puny to rule the world by ourselves, but if we band together we can at least get our fix; our 2 minutes hate.

So, the political wonks and operatives as well as the politicians themselves become nothing more than drug dealers, while our own pride tells us that we are not junkies.

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