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I understand. When it comes to opinions, we are becoming more and more likely to think in binary terms. If not love, then hate. If not respect, then disrespect. You are advocating for a neutral position. I get that.

I am a Christian. I’ve done horrible things and I’ve done wonderful things. I’ve found that most of the horrible things were due to various manifestations of pride. Once I started doing the Jesus thing in earnest, I became more and more convicted of how much pride drives me. Pride has made me miserable and some what mad.

To stop the madness, I scrub as much pride from my heart as possible, and do so every day. The only peace I’ve ever known is the humility that is inspired in me through Jesus Christ. Until I walked with Him, I was increasingly bitter and despondent. Once I started to live right, I was astonished at how much of a negative force I had become.

I’ve learned that my life is much better and the world around me becomes better the more I love and respect others. Granted, I’m still streetwise. I can discern a con with ease and I maintain boundaries. But it’s far better to go positive from the beginning.

It’s really remarkable. When I honestly love and respect unlovable people, many times they soften and come around. I can walk into some fairly shady and dangerous situations and disarm things. It’s not charm or bullshit that does it. It’s respect and love.

There is not a doubt in my mind that if everyone were to approach people with the default position of positive regard that most of the worlds problems would go away or could be solved.

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