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I am aware that human culture generally considers animals as less worthy of life than we are. I am sure sheep would see it the other way around if you could ask them.

I was raised in the country. Although my family were not farmers or ranchers, I was around livestock when I grew up. I was in the Future Farmer’s of America in high school. I’ve worked with cattle, sheep, pigs and chickens. It doesn’t take too long to realize that “nobody’s home” when dealing with them. The utter stupidity and lack of awareness is remarkable. They are the lower part of the food chain. They are meant to be eaten.

I guess you’re of a religious slant. Personally, I don’t go for this humans-are-better arrogance — especially when we are the ones that are ruining the planet for every other species on it.

You are correct. I’m a Christian. One does not have to be religious to realize that people are more important than animals though.

Let’s be realistic, abortions are hardly going to make over-population, climate change, or the general collapse of the biosphere any worse. Why not deal with the REAL problems?

Huh? Life and death are real problems.

Why are you bothered about a fetus that probably has no meaningful consciousness?

Sentience is transient. Sometimes you are conscious and sometimes you are not. When I was an ICU nurse, all of my patients on ventilators. They would be on Valium, Versed, or Diprovan drips. Most of the time they could not think or feel. They were paralyzed and could not breath on their own. Some of them had external pacemakers and intra-aortic balloon pumps, so their heart was not beating on it’s own and wasn’t even perfusing blood on it’s own.

But they were alive as long as I was on the job (Well often they would die, which you would expect since this was ICU). If I were to leave the drips running, but turn off the vents, pacers, and balloon pumps and go home, they would die. I would have been guilty of homicide or murder, even though they never regained consciousness.

There are several cases where they have given Ambien to people in persistive vegetative states and they would become lucid. People who have encephalitis lethargica can go from catatonic to lucid when given L-dopa. If you kill these people before they are treated, would you be any more guilty of homicide or murder.

Is that not just religion controlling your mind? What is it to you?

My stance on abortion is rational, logical and based on science. Nothing I have written regarding it has been based on religion.

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