“Obama… demonizing all that is White, heterosexual, Christian, and male”
Andrew Zibuck

ID politics is just as dangerous to this country as fascism is. In fact, probably moreso, for there are far more whatthufas than there are actual fascists in this country, and they are hurting more people. I never said he was a Muslim either. He’s nominally Christian, but more narcissist than anything else. He is his own god. Most Americans are.

When he did not call down the mob in Ferguson and say, that we can all do better than this, when he said own White grandmother (who as a banker in Hawaii gave him a life that neither of us could imagine) was a “typical White person, when he stereotyped poor white’s in Pennsylvania as bitter clingers and used many other Black racist dog whistles he indicated that he was anti-White.

When he encouraged his justice department to target Christian small businesses, he proved himself to be anti Christian and against the traditional heterosexual definition of marriage.

When he pushed to remove “don’t ask, don’t tell” and to allow women and homosexuals into combat positions, he ironically enough, endangered them as well as the rest of us. All in an egalitarian attempt at “righting past wrongs”, which all to often means targeting men.

Ran out of time. Gotta go.

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