It was 16.
Kaz Weida

If she was of age, then criminally, it was “he said, she said”. I read the transcript of the bugged phone call and he seemed to respect and care about her. He encouraged her and praised her. While she reported she was “a shell” at the time of the trial, he stated that she seemed strong and capable. Their first night together they had sex for about an hour and a half. They apparently had sex every night for several weeks. I don’t see how this is rape or sexual assault or abuse. The report states plainly that it didn’t rise to this level.

Of course, it was unethical but that’s something different. If one reads the transcript of the phone call, it’s easy to see that he cared about her and respected her. Both during the time of the trial and during the phone call.. He encouraged her and enjoyed hearing about how her life was like. One things for sure, he had know idea that she felt injured and she was trying to collect damning evidence against him. It’s hard not to see the phone call as vindictive and manipulative.

There are many corrupt and abusive attorneys, but he wasn’t one of them. Just because a woman says that a powerful man hurt her does not make it so. Now, if you have problems with how unethical it was for a 28 year old in a position of power to have sex with a sixteen year old, I whole heartedly agree. Female school teachers are getting busted doing THAT all the time. Do you write long essays about such abuses of power for them?

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