Stop Using Autistic Characters as Plot Devices
Sarah Kurchak

I’m somewhere “on the spectrum” and understand how hard it is for “normal” people to write about how it is to be like us, but from what I’ve seen about “Atypical”, it may be different. To disregard it only because someone on the spectrum is not starring in the show is short-sided.

It’s not about “us” vs “them”. It’s really about how human we are that is most important. “Atypical” doesn’t seem to be using our struggles only as a plot device to propel the narrative of normal peoples struggles. Being on the spectrum seems to be an integral part of the lead characters persona.

In greater or lesser degrees (depending on the severity of the condition) “normal” people do not see us as human. They see us as odd pseudo or subhumans. I know I was not treated like a normal kid by anyone but my parents.

Shows like “Atypical” will show that we suffer and succeed, bruise and bleed just like they do. It can show that “weird” is not only good, but lovable too.

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